GPT formatted hard drive boot requirement in multiformat environment ?

So, I want to install and boot Win7 64bit on an MBR disk, with CSM enabled and any security boot etc turned off.

While later adding larger data disks (physical) that have to be formatted as GPT due to size.

But then I read this document from MS:
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In particular the part about ‘Mixing’:

Which seems to imply that I HAVE TO install Win7 on a GPT disk if I want to use larger GPT data drives ?
Which is something I really do NOT want to do, for reasons…

- Can someone in the know explain to me how to interpret that statement from MS ?
Is it possible to still use MBR installation for the OS/win7 and be able to use large GPT storage drives on the same computer ?

Since I’m rather clueless about this fancy GPT thing, I’d be thinking it should not matter what type of disk formatting the OS itself has, as long as it has inherent GPT support, for the data drives that is?
Which win7 64bit has, as far as I have gathered.

But MS seems to disagree… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You can boot the system with MBR and the GPT formatted disk will be normally shown after you boot Windows. So it works as long as you don’t want to boot with the new GPT disk.

Ah, I see. I assume I was reading that MS document too literally - as in if the system (mobo, OS?) theoretically supports UEFI, I’d have to install the OS on a GPT disk, IF I later want to add separate GPT data disks…

UEFI OS installations requires GPT file system.
But GPT also can be used as storage disk, the same as MBR.
Basically GPT, MBR r 2 file systems that can be used by MS OS systems in two scenarios, OS Install requirements or data/storage disks.