GPU bios mod wanted

I am looking to see if i can add UEFI to my EVGA GPU.

I found a very similar Gigabyte rom with UEFI and have been trying to flash it with Nvflash for the past hour but i cannot get past “GPU mismatch” i tried the mismatch flash and all kinds of command addons with no luck.

This is my card don’t laugh…too hard

but rom version I have is here

anyway can this can be done ? I went through the the how to 3 times and it is a major headscratcher to me.

Here is the vbios i had GPUz extract


The easier thing to do is to take that GPUZ extract and run it through GOPUpd.

Then try and flash the result back with Nvflash.

Here u go: (123.1 KB)

Thanks a lot I really appreciate it !
However I think i just got it.
I used this and it is working so far.

all right, the vbios i sent uses gop 38, idk what that tool use.

I have no idea. Here is the new file extracted with GPUz, i imagine it is modified right ?