GPU vBIOS modding guestions - VRM control & stuff - RX 5600xt

So yeah, there is this unlocked MSI bios floating in the internet that allows bypassing software limitations hampering these cards so that they dont cannibalize rx 5700/xt sales. It works on other OEM cards with micron memory, too! Too bad my micron memory Asus Strix does not like it and from what I gathered from chatting with people the problem could be Asus non-standard VRM components/controllers.

I guess I could just switch cards BUT I was thinking there could be a way so extract the modules from original bios and insert them to the unlocked bios? I have no expertise on modding vBIOSes on that level, just done some memory timing adjusting power limits and things like that. This might just be the place where someone has knowledge of things like that so all help and ideas are appreciated!