GUI that will install/work under Windows 10?

Friends this is my first post so only throw small rocks…
I am working on a HP/Cpq Elite 8100 system that I config’d a little over a year ago with a pair of mirrored hybrid 1TB seagate drives. It worked beautifully until the owner [small biz that does resort booking] responded to Microsoft’s windows 10 juggernaut, thinking it was innocent enough. did the upgrade. struggled with the system about a week then handed it over.

I will probably, in the end, roll it back to windows 7 but I am trying to learn from it at present. I note that the volume seems intact but without the GUI that was working well under windows 7 I don’t know how to prove that it hasn’t thrown a few errors. the disk subsystem keeps the system too busy, elevating CPU occupancy erratically from teens to 50% or so with no network [disconnected] and nothing actually going on but windows 10 itself.
Mainly, though, I’m trying to locate the Intel package that has the GUI application in it, and so far no luck. the main executable appears to be IAStorUI.exe version dated 11/5/2010.

if one of you could point me to the whole package for this I will try to reinstall it under Win10 and give it a go. If there is an update that has a better chance of working please advise - searching the web for a couple of hours had me thinking this was the one and only real GUI that was released for the purpose. is that so? seems they put out a command line interface for it but I see no packages that carry the GUI.

thanks for any direction you can give

@ cognus:
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Where is your system drive (inside or outside the RAID1 array)?

Which Intel RAID driver version did you use while running Win7 and which one are you running now (expand the "Storage Controllers" section of the Device Manager, right click onto the listed "Intel SATA RAID Controller" > "Properties" > "Driver")?

All available Intel RST Drivers & Software Sets do contain the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Console Software, which lets you monitor the health of your Intel RAID array.
For your Intel 5-Series Chipset RAID0 system running Win10 I recommend to install the Intel RST Drivers & Software Set v11.7.4.1001 WHQL by running the installer of the related package. You can find the download link within the start post of >this< thread.

  1. Before you install the Intel RST Drivers & Software Set you should install the software .NET Framework 3.0 (“Control Panel” > “Software” > “Add/remove Features” > check “.NET Framework 3.0”).
  2. After having installed the Intel RST Drivers & Software Set and rebooted, you can join the Intel RST GUI Console by clicking onto the App named “Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology”.

Good luck!
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