[Guide] AMI (non-UEFI) BIOS Modding

I don’t understand what you mean.
Find out the DeviceID of the on-board Intel SATA AHCI Controller. Then you will know which Option ROM you should not replace by the NVMe Option ROM.

You only need one bootable nvme drive right? Why not using NoInks DuetRefind Port. I used it without problems and it’s fast too.
As Dieter already told you there are no benefits when upgrading the OptionRoms. I had sideeffects with the AMD AHCI one.
But when you want to use it otherwise I changed the LANOptionRoms to the Modded NVME Option Roms, it is easier for the first time.


WOW, it’s work well!

What’s else than: broken of "restart" function and little disruption once software require it for update?

I am PROUD of my self as it ended up to this stage of success :slight_smile:

the latest AMD AHCI OptionRom which was usable for my Board ( Thanks to Winraid ) was a couple of bytes larger then the older one. MMTool couldn’t compress it in the same way like the other Modules. In a strange situation the Post hangs between the BMC Controller and AHCI Controller ( both had OptionRoms )

Maybe someone is interested to test this guide. It would be really helpful to get feedback about my explanation.

[GUIDE] Legacy AMIBIOS8 make all compiled Settings available

Thanks =)

I’d like to port certain features between motherboards with the same chipset. I’ve read your guide, and it seems it explains very well how to make features available when they do previously exist.

There is a case of someone flashing an ECS motherboard BIOS on an Acer one, that used the same chipset. Suddenly, options to change BSEL, DRAM timings and some other options like nTune support were available to the Acer motherboard.

That explains to me that sometimes the fact that the code is there could make a motherboard to use features that already support but just aren’t compiled into the BIOS code.

Hi, I have “Hardware_ids” of nvme Lexar NM620 :
Could you teach me how I can insert this information to bios in new line “PCI Option ROM” ?
Thank for your help

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do you think its possible to change BIOS setup utility colors on a P5Q SE board? I looked everywhere and found no information on doing this

Very old stuff, never done it but i saw it done a long time ago on old AMI8…as yours, bioses.
Can’t remember if there’s a similar post on this forum or if i saw it in another place…this is old stuff.

I tried searching about it and I found nothing sadly

@ thatgrimguy:
If the colors of the BIOS Setup should be your most important PC problem, you should be happy.
A lot of users suffer from more serious deficiencies.

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not really a problem I just wondered if it was possible I’m ok without them

I cannot seem to find a tool that will open my AMI non-uefi Supermicro H8SCM-F motherboard BIOS. May someone please advise? Thanks

AMI AMIBIOS8 core based.

EDIT: AMD not my field, sorry.

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@MeatWar Thanks bro. So I was trying to unlock all hidden features and maybe even have a chance at locking the Opteron 8-core to it’s P0 state of 3800Mhz, versus the stock P1 state in game runs 3400Mhz. Maybe even overclocking functionality, what do you think? I tried AMIBCP, with no luck. Can you help me mod my BIOS? Thanks

PS - I have no idea how but I guess I could figure it out if no one will help me. May you link me to AMIBCP v3.51?

Hi buddy. Would you or any other genius on here be able to tell me what can be done with my Supermicro H8SCM-F firmware? Thanks

Sorry i cannot since i never done any mods with Opteron cpus.
By the way, its not a easy task dealing with the AGESA… mostly the reason you don’t see same percentage of mods in AMD as you see in Intel platforms.
Wait for other users, good luck.

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Thanks. I received some help elsewhere, turns out there are no hidden menus in my BIOS. Unless someone on here proves us wrong.