[Guide] Bios configuration

Hi, I have btc79x9 mining mainboard. It has dual lga2011 CPU sockets and I’m using xeon e5 2630v2 processors. In bios showing the right amount of cores 12(6+6), while in windows showing 4(2+2) cores. I’ve changed windows many times but problem not solved and also there is no option in bios to solve the problem(also tried reset the bios). I’ve never faced this type of problem. Please anybody let me know where the problem is?

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Which edition/version of Windows?

I,ve tried windows 8.1, 10, 11 latest versiions but problem not solved

I just created account to ask you did toy managed to correct that i have exactly same issue.
I can add Linux (HiveOS) also see it as 4 cores.