[Guide] Enhanced BIOS Modding of Award BIOSes

Thanks for the answer and, what would you suggest that I use to remove/replace these modules? CBROM1.55?

Yes, CBROM_155 lets the sensitive modules untouched and doesn’t try to re-arrange them.

Hello together!

I have successfully update/mod bios from GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P

I used SummoneR’s already modded bios file from first page as reference bios for my changes, so if someone would like give a try?!?!

Original BIOS: GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P (BIOS Version F8n)
Reference BIOS: GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P (BIOS Version F8n) Thanks SummoneR!

Modified BIOS: GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P (BIOS Version F8x) Mirror1, Mirror2
- updated CPU AGESA ROM and MEMINIT.BIN [v3.7.1.0 -> v3.7.1.2]
- updated Q-Flash Utility [v2.23 -> v2.24]
- updated AMD AHCI ROM [v3.0.B.0(3.0.A) -> v3.2.2.0]
- updated AMD RAID ROM [v3.0.1540.59 -> v3.2.1540.15]
- updated JMicron RAID ROM [v1.06.59 -> v1.07.28]
- updated Realtek PCI ROM [v2.37(PXE) -> v2.61(PXE+RPL)]
- Microcode update
- unhide/unlocked all menus/options
- changed a lot descriptions/dialogs and some help information
- fixed/changed some wrong BIOS information
- reordered/renamed some bios settings
- updated SLIC SSV3 v2.1
- changed release date and increased Bios version to F8x

The both IDE Channels are disabled when selected the “Load BIOS/Optimized Defaults” by default to increase the boot time, but of course it can be enabled/disabled any time later. To avoid interfere with certain AHCI/RAID/IDE setups (see AMD SB700/710/750 Register Reference Guide), the “PATA Channel Mapping” option is hiden and it can only make visible by pressing “CTRL+F1”.

Full List of CPU Microcode Patches:
Date:2008/05/01 CPUID:100F40 PatchID:01000085 -> Latest
Date:2010/02/17 CPUID:100FA0 PatchID:010000BF -> Updated Date:2011/10/24 CPUID:100FA0 PatchID:010000DC
Date:2010/03/11 CPUID:100F41 PatchID:010000C6 -> Updated Date:2011/10/24 CPUID:100F41 PatchID:010000DB
Date:2010/03/11 CPUID:100F62 PatchID:010000C7 -> Latest
Date:2010/03/11 CPUID:100F43 PatchID:010000C8 -> Latest
Date:2010/03/31 CPUID:100F22 PatchID:010000C9 -> Latest
Date:2010/03/31 CPUID:100F20 PatchID:010000CA -> Latest

Latest Realtek PCI ROMs (PXE) and (PXE+RPL) can be found here: Link

Here is my collection of
- AMD Micro Codes: Link
- AMD Agesa ROM: Link
- Q-Flash Utility: Link
- AMD AHCI ROM modules: Link
- JMicron RAID ROM modules: Link
- Realtek PCI ROM modules: Link

I would love to update Agesa and microcode for my asus m4a89gtd (ami non-uefi), but there is no guide.

If you or anyone else should have successfully done these updates, please write a report about the procedure.

Here is my package how I rebuild the bios file of this board (GA-MA790FXT-UD5P)
Especially because the sensitive parts.



Hello is there a way to update ram module settings into bios in order to have bank interleave enabled when 4 modules are installed!? Or there is a way to modify the latest bios available so to enable bank interleave in the same situation!? bank interleave works perfectly when 2 modules are installed but it’s disabled when 4 modules are present although the option is enable.

@ Azrael5:

We do not support the modding of any system BIOS modules, because this sort of BIOS modding is too risky.

Ok I’ve no risk beacuse I own USB able to flash the EEPROM and able to reprogram the chip. So I can make tests.

Thanks for your work!

But I have some troubles.
1. With this version of BIOS my MA790FXT-UD5P fails to boot from USB flashdrive.

2. When I set clock frequency to "Auto" or "200 MHz", CPU-Z shows 200.88 MHz. I think it is a trick from Gigabyte to seem better in benchmarks. Can you remove the feature?


P.S. My CPU is HD96ZTWFK4DGR, I successfully unlocked two extra cores.

@Modfreakz :

Thank you very much for this phantastic work and for having uploaded this package! Your automated “Award BIOS Updater” seems to be the easiest and safest way to solve the problems while updating an Option ROM module, which is located above a “sensitive” Award BIOS module.
Additionally I am very grateful, that you created another batch file package for our Forum member boombastik and his GA-EX58-UD5 mainboard. This will help boombastik and me to make some tests trying to update the Intel AHCI ROM module of Award BIOSes to v2.00h.
Since boombastic sent me yesterday your package for the GA-EX58_UD5 BIOS, I was able to do some tests using the original BIOSes of the Gigabyte mainboards GA-MA790FXT-UD5P (the one you used above) and GA-EX58-UD5 (boombastik’s mainboard).
This is what I did:

  1. Creation of a folder named “test” within the root of my Drive D:
  2. Insertion of the extracted content of your package into the folder D:\test
  3. Execution of the Command Prompt as Admin and navigation to D:\test
  4. Execution of the command "extract_all.bat"
    Result with both BIOSes: All extractable BIOS modules have been successfully extracted from the original BIOS.
  5. Navigation to D:\test and execution of the command "release_all.bat"
    Result with both BIOSes: All removable BIOS modules have been successfully removed.
  6. Navigation to D:\test and execution of the command “rebuild_bios.bat” (Note: The “i” within the word “rebuild” is missing within your package)
    Result with the BIOS GA-MA790FXT-UD5P: The BIOS has been successfully rebuilt without any error message.
    Result with the BIOS GA-EX58-UD5: The re-insertion of the previously removed Option ROM modules failed with the message “Couldn’t open the file xyz.bin”. All other modules have been successfully re-inserted.

1. Do you have any idea why the re-insertion of the Option ROM modules failed while using the GA-EX58-UD5 package?
2. Which bug of the CBROM32_198 tool has been fixed and who modified the exe file?

Thanks in advance!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Nice! Good eyes!

Because you have to specify the correct name. Rename the PCI ROMs manually in Rebuild_Bios.bat
your ROM name is BIOS_Files/JMicron_1.07.28.BIN
so you have to change the line in Rebuild_Bios.bat to : CBROM198fixed.exe BIOS_Build.bin /pci JMicron_1.07.28.BIN

I have modified this exe, i have removed app info, author strings, add some line breaks, … to get proper output in cmd window.
also made some accurate displaying bios information.

EDIT by Fernando: Quoting codes inserted (for a better readability) and blank lines removed (to save space)

Thanks for the quick reply. I will test it again according your suggestion as soon as I have the required time.
UPDATE: Meanwhile it’s done and everything worked like a charm now! Thanks for the tip!

Well done, thanks!


I would like to report a successful BIOS modification and flashing using customised Modfreakz package from his earlier post #26 in this thread.

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 rev 1.0
Default BIOS version: F10e
Updated ROMs:
AMD AHCI ROM (to v3.3.2.0)
AMD RAID ROM with non-UEFI MISC ROM (to v3.3.1540.19)
Marvell AHCI ROM+BIOS (to v1.0.0.0034)
Realtek PXE LOM (to v2.64)

I customised Extract_All.bat, Release_All.bat and Rebuld_Bios.bat batch files, cleared everything from BIOS_Files directory, removed BIOS_Blank.bin and BIOS_Build.bin, and replaced BIOS_Orig.bin with default BIOS for my Motherboard. Then it was just a matter of runinng Extract_All.bat, replacing extracted ROMs with new versions and running Release_All.bat and Rebuld_Bios.bat in that order. Flashed using Q-Flash without errors. So far everything seems OK.

Special Thank you goes to Modfreakz, Fernando and all the people who maintain and contribute to this forum.

Hi @karkulis !

Could you please share more details on what you modified in Modfreakz’ package ? I am trying to customize it right now, but not sure i’m doing it right. I have EP35-DS4 and just trying to replace ICH9RAID with a newer version, which size is bigger.


Found a quick workaround! Maybe it would work for someone else or at least help you guys figure out your Award bioses and why they are so problematic.

I found an unofficial EP35-DS4 beta bios F7d version on this site http://forums.tweaktown.com/gigabyte/284…os-2-print.html. It was really hard to find (attached).
What’s interesting is that on this bios the RAID rom is at the end of the package and with size above 64k! The layout looks similar to how CBROM 198 rebuilt the latest official F6 bios version, which didn’t work. On F7d, for some reason, RAID ROM is telling it’s ICH10R during boot, which seems wrong (it should be ICH9R), but anyway I got my machine to boot even with this supposedly ICH10R ROM successfully just to see if this bios is valid.

Now the best part - all I did is to replace the raid_or.bin with ICH9RAID.bin 11.2 version I got from here (it is 117K of size) to match 11.7 RST with the standard cbrom 198.

My box has a new life now. My new 4TB disks are now recognized by both RAID ROM and Intel RST UI tool.

Thanks a lot guys, you helped me a lot!

ep35ds4.zip (649 KB)

@severian :
Thanks for your report. It is fine, that you were able to solve your problem yourself.

The SATA RAID Controllers of Intel ICH9R and ICH10R Southbridges are using the exact same Intel RAID ROM module. So there are no specific ones available for ICH9R or ICH10R Southbridges.
Maybe you were irritated by the name of the Intel RAID ROM module, which is shown after having opened the BIOS by using CBROM. This name is given by the mainboard manufacturer and has no impact on the code and function of the BIOS module itself.

Thanks @Fernando for clarifications. The ICH10R I saw during boot, not when opening the package (however ROM module file also had different name than official bios), so I was not sure the entire bios package is for my board but it has been running fine since yesterday. Now building my RAID volume, finally! :slight_smile: Happy modding !


Does anyone have the package that Modfreakz had uploaded ? mega.nz link does not work

Thank you in advance !

I don’t have the package. According to the MEGA message I got, ModFreakz’s MEGA account has been deleted due to violations of MEGA’s hosting rules.