[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

Please have a look into the “Guide for ASRock mainboards” section of the first post.

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I have a H61H2-MV-DVI(V1.0) board and I modified the bios to add NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs, but when flashing I got this error “1e- secure flash function is not sopported on this file” if someone could help me i would appreciate it. This official page where is the bios https://www.ecs.com.tw/es/Product/Motherboard/H61H2-MV_V1.0/download

I use the version 05/29/2013 because the last one does not flash me from the factory


Read the damm guides, once it for all:


Can a ROM file extracted using a hardware programmer be flashed with software AFUWINx64. I gave it try and it told me the ROM size does not match existing BIOS size. I can flash this file all day long with my programmer. This is an Asus G750JX laptop AMI UEFI non Aptio Bios. Size is 8192KB, so I have to somehow trim it down and if so how?

I basically always make an original copy with clip and programmer to be safe. I just don’t want to take apart the laptop every time to flash it. In this case I used AMIBCP v4.55 to unhide an advanced CPU menu, and want to flash it back with AFUWINx64.


AMI is a company, Aptio its their core bios product and if it opens with AMBCP then its Aptio IV or V bios based, IV is yours.
AFUWIN and Asus security basis prevents modified bios from being flashed into a system.
You can use extracted files in it, as you saw the tool reports it as theres no Asus header / EC.
The best way is to extract the bios region with UEFI tool or dumping with Intel FPT tool, mod it and flash it back with Intel FPT tool, for this its needs SPI bios unlocked or any of the methods described in this guide.

EDIT: Who told you that its locked? Thats not my exact words are they? To use the tool it needs to be unlocked thats what i wrote.
If you have no ideia… stay with your CH341… you asked for an alternative.

Unlocking, to read and learn.

Theres other methods for unlocking the SPI, search on the forum for RU tool / Asus unlock

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How do I unlock the bios? With a hardware programmer that’s easy I have no idea how to do this with software.

This is the thread about how to flash a modded BIOS and not about how to modify a BIOS.

And that is exactly what I did modified my Bios with AMIBCP to show hidden menus. I didn’t realize until now that you cannot flash a Rom that was extracted from a hardware programmer using AFIWINx64. I know now you cannot do this so I will review the threads as suggested.


Need help flashing Modded AMI Aptio IV BIOS to Asrock AM1H-ITX motherboard with 32mb UEFI BIOS.
I have successfully modded the BIOS to include NVMe support as outlined in the excellent guides on this site. The issue is trying to flash the modded Bios. Using Instant Flash in the UEFI bios fails due to security check and in fact will not even locate the modded bios on the usb drive. AFUDOS fails by hanging at erasing boot block. Using Flashrom fails when it finds two bios chips on the board and doesn’t know which one to update. I have the complete output file in text format, but the jest of the error : SFDP has autodetected a flash chip which is not natively supported by flashrom yet. All standard operations (read, verify, erase and write) should work, but to support all possible features we need to add them manually. You can help us by mailing us the output of the following command to [email protected]: ‘flashrom -VV [plus the -p/–programmer parameter]’ Thanks for your help!

Found Unknown flash chip “SFDP-capable chip” (4096 kB, SPI) mapped at physical address 0x00000000.

Found Winbond flash chip “W25Q32.V” (4096 kB, SPI) mapped at physical address 0xffc00000.
Chip status register is 0x00.

Multiple flash chip definitions match the detected chip(s): “SFDP-capable chip”, “W25Q32.V”
Please specify which chip definition to use with the -c option.

Can you explain how you did it. I’m stuck trying to flash the modded bios back to the same mobo. Thanks


I want to be able to use smart access memory on a rx 580 4g vram video card and the Asus tuf b550 plus motherboard. I can’t do this because I can’t edit the bios.
The ReBar 4g module but the video card has 4 GB of RAM instead of 8 as needed. I saw on the net that there are tests with video cards like mine with 4 gigs of ram. The ReBarDxe.ffs module must be inserted in the motherboard bios and from Windows to be able to set the rebar size smaller than 4G.

Installed the ReBar Dxe.ffs module with mmtool v5. in the bios of the motherboard and when I save the bios it gives me the error “saving secure capsule as unsigned”. Ezflash: “Selected file is not a properBIOS!”

-Ai suite not working

  • ASUS “USB Flashback not working
  • AMI AFUDOS or AFUWIN Tool I don’t understand how it is done

Please help!


You cannot flash a modded ASUS BIOS by using the standard ASUS EZ Flash tool.

If your mainboard offers this feature, it will work (provided, that you have followed ASUS’s USB Flashback guide and rules).
Tip: Use another USB Flash Drive (preferentially an old 2.0 platform and small sized one).

Just follow the advices of the start post. We cannot do the flashing procedure for you.

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Has anyone succeeded loading a modified BIOS to a Supermicro H12 board? I’m running a H12SSL.

Supermicros tool & BMC does not allow flashing the modded BIOS, which I guess is expected. I understand that I should try one of AMIs tools, but which one? The Bios screen version says “12.21.1280, 2022, AMI” if that’s any help.


@jcie Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
If you are not able to get the modded BIOS successfully flashed the normal way (by using the Supermicro tool after having renamed the modded BIOS), I recommend to read >this< post written by our Forum member Wishbringer.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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Hello, my thanks for the effort of writing and maintaining this guide and the forum in general.

I am trying to get NVMe Support on my ASUS p8z77-m.
What I have managed until now:

  • I have modded the latest bios for the board with MMTool and added the NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs
  • I have very carefully compared the original and the modded bios for differences in “paddings” with UEFITool

The resulting *.CAP file is of course not passing the security verification in EZFlash and in Asus BUPDATER_130 (DOS flasher). But that is expected. My question: Is it safe to flash this modded *.CAP file with ASUS AI Suite (as described in the flashing guide)?

If I understand it well, the guide states that I should proceed with the extraction of the *.ROM from the original *.CAP file, and than mod that with the UEFITool to add the NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs
I’d rather skip this if the option of flashing the unverifiable *.CAP file is possible (and safe) with ASUS AI Suite.

Shouldn’t this be the default (and easiest) option for flashing Asus *.CAP bioses - or am I missing something? I was reading and rereading the modding/flashing guides for several days now, and as I understand the main problem with the Asus *.CAP files is the security protection/verification. This flashing with ASUS AI Suite seems easiest, and it skips several steps - which are quite confusing even after so much reading (the extraction of the body of the bios, etc).

@van Your post has been moved by me into this much better matching thread.

Thanks @Fernando
I wasn’t sure which of the 2 threads was more appropriate, as I am asking about both the modding and flashing.

I am not sure if understood the guide. Is it “safe” to mod the protected Asus *.CAP bioses with MMTool. Or do I have to mod *.CAP bioses with UEFITool?

It seems to me that the main problem with the Asus *.CAP files is the security protection/verification which disables flashing a modded bios. So UEFITool is used to extract/convert to *.ROM and mod/flash that. But since flashing with ASUS AI Suite bypasses the security verification (with the file switching in mid process), isn’t that and modding with MMTool the easier option?