[Guide] NVMe-boot without modding your UEFI/BIOS (Clover-EFI bootloader method)

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Can your BIOS see the NVMe SSD installed on the PCIe adapter ?
If the answer is ‘yes’, have you tried to install Windows directly on it ? So you would not need Clover.

OK, so, you want to use Clover.

Could you give details on what you mean by “the installation can’t continue” ?
If the installation processed started, and then stalled, at which point exactly was it ? And what happened ?

You cloned Windows from another Windows installed where ? On another of your SSDs (SATA ?) ?
I have no idea if doing this is possible… Maybe some others will have an answer…
As for me, I did a fresh/new installation of Windows on my NVMe SSD, and then I copied the data I needed from a HDD.

By the way, which version of Windows are you trying to install ?

@Morbius It worked, but only after I reinstalled Ubuntu with the USB I created with balenaEtcher instead of the one I created with Rufus. I really appreciate the help! Thank you!

thanks for your response.
First of all, I have used a simple PCIe-NVME adapter it’s not like the “ThinkMods NVME” adapter, which has used @Franzl_Lang for Lenovo T400 mentioned in the post #822
Secondly, the Samsung NVMe SSD controller represents a special class of devices. These devices are fully compatible with Windows but with correct integration of their drivers into Windows Setup,
so I will think to install Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2, but it will be enough expensive toy.

Answers to questions:

A: No

A: from under Clover installation from flash drive stops when a choice disk in the table of present disks

A: I have cloned windows 11 installed on my ThinkPad x230 by using "EaseUS Partition Master"


Congratulations ! Glad that you made it.
Which version of Clover and BDUtility did you finally use to create your Clover key ?

If you wish to install Windows 11 on your Samsung NVMe SSD, the best advice I can give you is :
1. Delete everything you have installed on this drive earlier when you tried to clone Windows 11 from another drive
2. Make a fresh installation of Windows 11 on it through Clover (you will need an installation disk for Windows 11, and, of course, a Clover key)
3. Transfer all the data you need from your previous Windows installation, and reinstall all the applications you need.
It’s a tedious task but, at least, it will work.

For your information, I have Windows 11 installed on my NVMe SSD through Clover. It works perfect !

believe me, I tried all the options, got acquainted with the experience of using Samsung disks, and everywhere it is mentioned about integrating Samsung drivers, even if the BIOS has supported NVME. Maybe if using the "ThinkMods NVME" adapter, which has comes with an embedded bootloader, which can be booted from any stock BIOS. It contains Clover, pre-configured with special NVMe drivers that can then boot your SSD, even without stock BIOS support or use Coreboot, which has its own NVMe support, you can instead boot directly to the SSD without touching Clover, but all of this requires additional attempts and expenses.

@Morbius I used the version of Boot Disk Utility you posted as well as the version of Clover you recommended. When I only used those versions of BDU and Clover, it didn’t work. I had to reinstall Ubuntu with the new USB I created with BalenaEtcher. Not sure which one worked or if it required both changes. Thanks again for the help. Probably going to set it up to auto-boot now, since I don’t intend to install any other OS on this machine.

RAM: Kingston 1600 4x4
CPU: i5 2550K
SSD: x4 Adapter + 512G NVME
the uefi bios of this MB has a bug that limit the x4 slot to x1 speed(~180max),so i’m trying clover.
win10 installde sucessfully to the nvme drive,everything seems working fine,but all the settings in clover dosen’t save to plist file,but can be changede and savede from plist file("#"infront of key name means ingore?),so i lookde around in the file,saw some werid values in it,i have 4x4 kingston ram,but shows 4x2 in the plistfile,turns out BDU didn’t change any settings,and just put the files in there as it was in the image from github.then i deleted every entry in the plist file and boot in to it,mouse doesn’t work in clover,boot into
win10,everything still works
so my questions:
A: clover setting does’t save when changed from bootloader gui,is it normal?
B: dose the plist file mean anything for windows? or i’m just being lucky,should
i change some settings for my hardwear?cause if theres any hidden issue i’d like to fix it now not bump into it later.
C: the win10 install media is in the second partition of the clover usb,i can only boot into it with F3>UEFI external boot,can i boot it in bios mode form clover?i need to use it to inatall win10 for another bios system.
D: can use the readonly switch on the usb drive or remove it after boot into win10? i dont want other program have acces to it.


I was successful in installing several OSs on my non-bootable NVMe SSD as you can see in post #817:

I have also helped others to install and use Clover (on this forum and other forums too).

I won’t be able to answer all your questions (and, frankly, I am not sure that I fully understand them). However, regarding your question C :

Obviously you can’t. This is because, after you have started Clover from your Clover USB key, you are in an EFI environment created by Clover and your initial Bios environment is irrelevant.

Do you mean you want to reuse your Clover key for another Bios system on another computer ?
I doubt that this would be recommended, and I am not even sure that it is feasible.
Based on my experience, if you want to use Clover on several computers, I would suggest you create several Clover keys, one for each system.

Anyway, the most important is that, from what you said, you can boot into your Windows 10 installed on your NVMe SSD through Clover. Congratulations for successfully installing Clover !