[Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM

The chip is safe to try, but you need to check it manually again. Write a file, read it back and compare them with any binary compare tool (I recommend Beyond Compare utility).

Hmm i ordered also empty chips 1 problem with asus is that they use in *.CAP file chip ID if flashed bios Witch also include CHIP ID not match with Chip ID itself its makes pc unpost.
I not have this programmer but my does good even with emty chip all veryfy correct.

I did that and ran a file compare in hex edit and some parts did not match. Also the bios file for a Z68 is a bin file and doesn’t have a capsule. First time I placed the chip in the ch341 I think it was in the wrong slot as I did it like the dream pro video posted a few posts back. After a write time out I realized it was placed incorrectly in the ‘24’ slot instead of the ‘25’ labeled slot after which writing to it had no issues. I think that certain parts aren’t being written to cause its a virgin unwritten blank chip…

Oh later next week I’ll try using the motherboard to hot flash it instead.

i tryed hotflash on z97 didnt work on maximus hero VII descriptor locked only flashing original chip with programmer did work only.

Playing around with the Ch341a again. Still getting verification errors. Wonder if the bios chip must match the bios file size or not. Maybe thats what is going on?


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Have any information as to the use of the various pins and jumper on that type of board? I have tried to find any instructions other than yours but without success.

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Hi, i have an N56VZ and flashed a bios dump with the CH341A programmer, but now i don’t have serial number or UUID.
I tried DMIEDIT tool but i couldn’t write the values to the bios, tried this guide but my laptop died again when it tried to “Erasing NCB Block”.
So, since i have the flash the laptop again, i ask if there’s anyway to edit the serial number on the dump before i flash.


Can someone help me please with my problem. My Toshiba Satellite C660D-144 has black screen and keyboard lights stays on. I’ve tried to flash the bios through usb from Toshiba website the exact model bios, but it didn’t work. And tired to flash with (USB Programmer CH341A) but nothing is working. Its bricked do I need SPI flash and where I can get the right file. I’m not expert in this case please consider if I write something that doesn’t make sense. Please help me. Thanks

Is it possible at Winbond W25x80 with a CH341A Programmer the status register to change.

Mission is :
- Write Protect to Enable Input /WP

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Hi CodeRush,

Can you confirm if the CH341A supports flashing a Macronix 25L6473E SOP8 64M-Bit 3V Flash ROM?

I have 2 boards that I would like to attempt ICP with the CH341A and test clip before I desolder the chips.

The free software 1.29 can not stand the Macronix 25L6473E
You must wait until the release of version 1.32 (date not defined)

The alternative is a TL866 with "MiniPro 6.50"

Is this safe to do this with Asus P8Z77-V LX bios? I have said motherboard, I want to add NVMe support. I’ve just picked up a 24/25 series CH341A programmer. I just want to be sure that after creating a backup with CH341A.exe (of original EEPROM) if anything should go belly up I should be able to restore the backup and it work as normal. (Just a sanity check before i go ahead!)

Thanks for the reply. I have purchased a SOFi SP-8F progammer (the TL866A was my second preference).

[Edit] SP-8F works perfectly, even doing in-circuit programming (without using the serial port on the mobo). I highly recommend it.

If i am taking out the only bios chip the board has how am I going to use it with the programmer with the bios chip removed?

Would I need to order another bios chip?

You better have a laptop or a 2nd PC to use the CH341A with.
But yes, you can remove the Chip after Boot and overwrite it using the prgrammer and the started PC wihtout Bios-Chip! The Bios is only used at the beginning of the PC-Start Process. If the flashed Bios is non-functional, though, The PC won’t start anymore. Be sure to make a backup of your former Bios. You can order a Chip with that particular Bios afterwards or flash the backup-file with an other PC.

If you need a CH341A I still have one and can ship it from Germany.

I have a backup of the bios on my flashdrive that is connected to the pc right now

I forgot to mention that I ordered a programmer last night.

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