hard drive larger than 137 GB on windows 2000

hello forum, i have a question, can whether install of windows 2000 to hard drive larger than 137 GB? now time it is hard to search a hard drive smaller than 500 GB, i have hard drive size only 2 TB, i read, what old BIOSes and motherboards do not support addressing LBA-48, is it worth worrying, what, hard drive data will lost.

It is the BIOS of your mainboard, which prevents, that you can have access to more tha ca. 137 GB of your 2 TB sized mainboard. For details please look into >this< wikipedia page.
Since the “Logical block addressing” issue is a general and a Mainboard/BIOS related one, you can use any HDD/SSD without any problem (except the limited usable volume size).

@Fernando , I have a sata connection interface, Is it possible to use hard drive partitions larger than 137 GB in win2k? or not use letter designations for this partitions

Without having initialized a HDD/SSD and given the volume a drive letter you cannot read/write the data.