[Hardware] Which SOIC 8 Pin Clips are Good?

the clips that came with my programmer ch34a1 didnt last long. only like 15 tries and the plastic at the tip wore off quickly. they no longer were able to grab onto the chips anymore. could someone tell me if theres is better buildquality that will last longer.?

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Not cheap…


Of course there are also others around, besides the “chinese” ones…

You need also the Dupont cables Female-Female: https://www.amazon.com/EDGELEC-Breadboar…d/dp/B07GD1W1VL

thanks. yeah its kind of expensive maybe for a repair shop is fine as they might need it often.
mine is chinesse i guess cause i can tell by the cheap plastic. theres no brand no marking on plastic.

what if i have a question about .bin bios files where should i post.?

On the bios mod section, but with enough information on HW, tasks needed and bios info… your Dell is not an easy task, be warned.

I also recommend the Pomona clips, although they will still wear down they will last longer than many cheaper ones.

I clipped the original clips maybe 4 times before they started popping off easily, and only managed to extract 8 readable BIOS images before I picked up a pomona clip. They’re excellent. A++++ would recommend.

I’ve grabbed the BIOS on every board I have laying around, every GPU I have laying around, all my laptops, and I’ve even used them to flash a few things with this cheap CH341A. They’re starting to wear down after a year and at least 100-150 clips, but that’s way more than the 4-6 I got out of the cheap ones, and so far the wear is barely visible!