HD P4000 GPU Drivers (INTEL XEON E3-1245 V2).

I made a computer based on the ASROCK Z77 Extreme4 board, with an INTEL XEON E3-1245 V2 processor. Windows 10 64 bit operating system. I am looking for drivers for the HD P4000 GPU integrated.
I have a separate card installed, but I want to check the operation of VIRTU Universal MVP.
The Intel-FORCED-NTx64-HD4000_10.18.10.5069-drp driver cannot be installed.

What are the HWIDs of the iGPU?

Problem solved. The system installs drivers for the card automatically when I set it in the bios first and connect the monitor to the DVI connector on the board. Normally, when I set the pcie card as the initiator, the gpu in the processor is not visible in the device manager. So I won’t try VIRTU Universal MVP.