Hello, a question regarding Z97-A 3503 modding setup_var

I tried numerous times to mod the hidden option “High precision timer” to disabled. As it being enabled was causing me to have issues with FPS.
I first dig deep into the forum and found a post by Lost_N_BIOS how to hex edit the setup variables, which i did and the changes where reflected in AMIBCP, however evidently HPET was still on.

I slept on the thing and i searched a little more and i managed to find a modified grub shell as i’m sure you guys are aware of.
I was using the first version and so since i extracted the IFR before i knew what variable to modify, however this did not work.
Then i searched a little more and found a newer version of the efi shell and used the command setup_var_3 (https://github.com/datasone/grub-mod-setup_var ) and BAM it worked. HPET is now gone from device manager and wintimertester is reporting the right frequency.

Now to the question. If i save my BIOS with AFUWIN and give it to other people with Z97-A, will the changes that i made using “setup_var” be saved in the bios file?
Also, to anyone looking to disable HPET in ASUS Z97-A, just get the modified grub shell from the link above, and modify 0x19f to 0x0 with setup_var_3.