Hello, how can i install Windows 7 on my UEFI only laptop?

Hi, i cant install windows 7 on my uefi only laptop, when i boot to the W7 USB the screen just hangs at “Starting Windows”, so what i did is to apply the install.wim from DISM in windows 10 on a new partition i created (because i have windows 10 installed on the pc right now), so then i made the bcd files using easybcd and rebooted the pc, but when i choosed windows 7 i got an error about a bitlocker key, so i searched in windows 10 and a thing called device encryption was on, i disabled it and i got rid of that error but now im stuck at the error 0xc0000098 when i select windows 7 from the windows bootloader, i searched online and i tried using a project called Vga Shim and UEFI Seven but both didn’t work, they said unable to unlock memory at 00000 bytes or something, so then i tried following this guide:

but my laptop does not have windows 7 drivers, and i couldn’t find modded drivers online, the laptop model is Asus rog strix g713qe, it has an amd ryzen 5 5600h + rtx 3050 ti gpu, i really want to install windows 7 but im having a lot of problems,
also sorry for my bad english, so is there any way i can install windows 7 on this laptop?

Use UefiSeven or patched bootmgfw.efi by FlashBootPro to install Windows 7 without enabling CSM in UEFI mode.

Or install Windows 7 with disabling vga.sys - http://reboot.pro/topic/21108-install-wi…l-gop-hardware/

No other ways.

@DeathBringer hi, thanks for your reply, i already tried uefiseven but when i boot the usb it shows a yellow screen with an error, do you know any fix for it? also i didn’t try flashboot but i think they have the option to make uefi usb without buying the pro.

Try to find already patched bootmgfw.efi by FlashBootPro.

@DeathBringer so do i need to download flashboot the free version and add the uefi file? because i dont have the pro version.

Do the free version patch bootmgfw.efi?
Make a bootable USB-stick with Windows 7 by any way.
Then copy patched bootmgfw.efi with name bootx64.efi to <USD Drive>:\EFI\Boot<br />Install OS.
Then copy patched bootmgfw.efi to <EFI Drive>\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\

@DeathBringer hi again, im creating a windows 7 uefi usb with rufus right now, i will then add nvme drivers with the gigabyte tool, then i will select to add the uefi shell in flashboot free as yes the free version gives you the uefi sheel the only difference beetween the free and pro version is that the pro version gives drivers but it’s not a problem since there are other tools for that like ntlite.
i will update you when im done with the usb and check if it gives me that error when booting the setup (unable to unlock memory at 00000B), and thanks for your help. also what do you mean to copy patched bootmgfw.efi?
do you mean checking the option to write the uefi shell in flashboot?

Have you patched bootmgfw.efi by FlashBootPro? If you haven’t then I can’t help.

@DeathBringer im doing the usb right now, then i will add nvme drivers with the gigabyte tool then i will patch with flashboot free version.

Ok. But I can’t explain better.

@DeathBringer unfortunately flashboot free version doesn’t give uefi patch, how can i install windows 7 then? i dont want to buy a software just for 1 pc.

Reread - Hello, how can i install Windows 7 on my UEFI only laptop?

@DeathBringer yea but i already told you that uefi seven doesn’t work on my laptop, it gives an error saying “Unable to unlock memory at C0000” in yellow text, i would try disabling vga.sys but where can i find amd ryzen 5 5600h driver for windows 7?

Use Windows 8 or newer.

@DeathBringer hi i have some good news, so as you said earlier only methods are vga.sys and uefiseven, a week ago i made the win 7 usb with uefi gpt in rufus and integrated nvme driver with ntlite, but installing it from win 10 gave error at 20% and using dism made win 7 error 0xc0000098, now just for a last try i tried installing it again from windows 10 since i can’t boot it from the usb “Stuck on starting windows without animation”, but this time as i said before i used gigabyte tool instead of ntlite to integrate nvme and usb driver, and this time install from win 10 on another partition worked! windows expanded the files and rebooted, then it said updating system registry setting with w7 animation and it also worked, then the pc restarted and now i see windows 7 in the bootloader, if i press windows 7 i no longer see error 0xc0000098 but it actually says starting windows and i even see the animation, the only problem is that it stays here forever, so maybe now if i install uefi 7 to the efi partition it works?

Also im looking at the bios of my laptop using AMIBCP and it doesn’t have CSM under boot, maybe there is a way to edit the bios and mod it to get CSM support?
Like i also saw another thread asking for a mod to get CSM support: Query for MOD add bios CSM mode (LEGACY support)

Hi, im still searching but i can’t find a gpu driver for windows 7, also i checked some issues on uefi seven and that unable to unlock rom etc is an error on amd gpu apparently so im trying to find gpu driver for ryzen 5 5600h for windows 7, downloading the one from my laptop on the inf it has windows 7 section but it is empy, i added the device id there and windows 7 (on my main desktop pc) said the driver was fine but not digitally signed when i choosed to install legacy hardware (just for seeing if the driver was detected by windows 7) integrated it on the laptop and followed the guide, the laptop rebooted after that black screen as the guide said but the screen wasn’t visible so i guess the driver didn’t work maybe it needs to be modded in a different way.

hi bro like you iam trying to install windows 7 on my laptop i have a ryzen 5 3500u and when i start windows 7 installation when my laptop reboot for expanding windows files i stuck at starting windows and windows logo just glow i just wanna know does your problem fixed?

Hello,@misaghbab @jonny. A Graphic Driver and a patch called “logo-stuck-bypasser” that was made by a smart Chinese man are needed to bypass the hanging.

Here is the download link of the second one I’ve mentioned : logo-stuck-bypasser


  1. Install Win7 using WinNTSetup 5.3.4 under a Preinstallation Environment (if you want to dual-boot, make sure you have two esp partitions, otherwise Win8+ will not boot)

  2. use the recommended Method-1, then Method-3, Method-2 will probably damage the booting process.

  3. use dism to intergrate the graphic driver in advance, maybe you need to modify the open source part of it ( .inf ) to add support for Win7

4.reboot your PC and follow the installation instructions.

Good luck!

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Hi @TomValuefi,

link is not working. could you upload it again?

many thanks.