[Help] AMD RAID on Windows 7


thanks due to the help of this forum I managed to install W7 on my Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite AX V2. I however cannot get the RAID1 to work.

  • After installation I used the Chipset drivers to resolve the issues in device manager
  • No RAID devices were shown in the device manager, I installed the amd_raid_software_2.09.28.127 which added an AMD bottom device, and an AMD RAID controller.
  • Both HDDs can be seen in CrystalDisk (SMART) → No connection issues?!
  • The RAID Utility RAIDXpert2 shows me an error on the login screen "License level 0 - No RAID)
    During my search I stumbled across a youtube video where someone had the same issue (on W10) and they had to install some drivers and then they had 2x bottom devices and 2x RAID controllers in the device manager. I believe I have a driver issue.
    Does anybody please have a solution for this?
    SATA mode set to RAID and raid drives configured in the BIOS