[HELP] ASROCK X79 Extreme 11 - latest RST raid OROMS + EFI drivers ?

HI. I happened to have this mobo with pooched BIOS, so I figured, I will program already patched by UBU BIOS. But the problem is, the original BIOS has both RST and RSTe Oroms in it and I am confused which are the latest available for this chipset. Could You clarify?

@izajasz :
Only users with an Intel X99 chipset may be able to answer your question and I don’t have/use any.
The easiest way to find it out is testing different Intel RST/RSTe RAID driver versions (the Intel SATA Controller has to be set to"RAID"). If you know the latest Intel RAID driver version, which runs perfectly with your system, you can choose the related Intel RAID BIOS modules (should be from the same development branch).

X79 is a weird beast - with some boards having the ability to change the hardware ID of the SATA controller in the BIOS.

What are your SATA controller options in your BIOS and which option do you want to use?

What is the hardware ID of the Intel SATA controller in device manager? It should be under ‘Storage Controllers’ if in RAID mode.