[HELP] Asus g732lv ami bios overclocking lock reseting

Hi guys, i have a problem , my bios resets disabled overclocking lock setting, please tell me which function can be responsible for restoring the stock config, loading parameters from nvram and so on, like bios ,protection, from asus. My bios made me angry) Set default parameter to disable in amibcp 5 , doesn’t help(
i found some menus

need mod that bios using my guide

or you can try clear cmos

brother, there is no cmos on my board, I don’t think it has anything to do with it. What I did:

  1. I made disabled the default in amibcp
  2. Changed the varoffset to the wrong one, but it led to the programmer, it was very tedious and nervous, I really regretted it, my chip is on the back of the board , after flash bios the problem remained
  3. I disabled the runtimevariable protection .

I suspect that there is some kind of function, shit here ,which loads the value ,enabled, exactly for overclocking lock from nvram, it really infuriates me, every time you start the laptop you need to go into bios and disable ovrclocking lock (

The most interesting, bios guard , writing security , cfg lock are not resetting, only overclockong lock.

what version bios you using

Thx for reply brother, v314 , i unlock all menus.

you succes apply that method?

nice to hear if you give feedback from that thread for your device

Before creating this thread, he contacted me with the issue specified.
I’d like to report that no matter if he change failsafe/optimal state for Overclocking Lock to Disabled, or use the modded GRUB to set a new value for the variable, the lock reverts to Enabled state on next reboot.

I’ve also did specify the default value at offset 0xDA in CpuSetup NVRAM storage.
CpuSetup extracted.zip (1.6 KB)
No luck.

Moreover, I tried editing the *SiInitFsp* module in order to disable the lock forcibly.

After that the board failed to post and the OP had to recover his BIOS. Then no further action was taken.