[HELP] ASUS N580GD - Missing Serial, MAC-address (& Unlock hidden settings)


I replaced the motherboard in my laptop but the Serial Number and MAC Address are missing. So ethernet doesn’t work until I spoof a MAC-address.
There were no stickers on the board, so I’m hoping I can use the SMBIOS details from my old motherboard? Or even use the SMBIOS numbers from an old Macbook? If I remember correctly MAC-addresses are burnt-in addresses so it might not work to use a different one? If so is there any way to retrieve the physical address?

Can someone help me to unlock all the hidden settings in the menu, or point me the right way?
I already changed the splash-screen in the attached .zip and added the extracted offsets.
Then disabled BIOS lock, CFG Lock and Overclocking Lock through Modified GRUB shell.

Thanks in advance!

N580GD-FW324-DUMP.zip (5.19 MB)