[Help] Asus UX580GE unlock "xHCI Handoff"

Hello all,

In need some help unlocking my Asus UX580GE BIOS to access the xHCI Handoff option as I need it to be disabled.

Can this be done by changing it via UEFI without modding the BIOS ?

The BIOS is the latest available from ASUS website (> Link <).

I attempted to change it on my own following guides found on this forum and I’ve opened it with AMIBCP and changed the XHCI Handoff default value to disabled but I do not find a tool that can flash it.

The Asus EZ Flash/AFUWINx64 give error that the modified BIOS has wrong signature.
The AFUDOS is not usable as this laptop has only UEFI boot (no legacy boot device is shown during boot or in boot selection menu).
The Intel FPT EFI tool gives an error saying that is not for this hardware.

Thank you all for any help, hints or ideas.

I`m no expert, but i think you have to backup your current bios with FPT, edit the backup and then flash the edited backup with FPT

Thank you for the idea but FPT is not working on my laptop. It complains that the platform is not compatible.

I’ve managed to download current BIOS with AFUWINx64 and modified it like I did with the BIOS from the ASUS site but I failed to flash it back using any of the tools from AMI (the DOS one is not usable as I can’t boot with legacy mode, only UEFI) as all of them complain that the modified BIOS is not signed. The version that supports /GAN is complaining that my bios is APTIO 5 and I need a newer version of it to run.

So is there any way to flash the modified BIOS on UEFI only laptop ?

Make sure the version of FPT you are using is the correct version for your ME.