[HELP] Asus X570 TUF gaming plus wifi - Winbond 25Q256JWEQ BIOS chip

Mobo froze and shutdown itself during the bios update around %30, now bios is bricked. I think the USB stick died in the worst possible time. Bios chip is Winbond 25Q256JWEQ. I would appreciate any suggestions to get this thing working again. I would rather not desolder it since it has other components next to it that might get damaged.

I was planning to buy this
and an 1.8v adapter, but seems like the 25Q256 is not supported. I have a SPI TPM header right next to the bios chip, but I assume that is not usable for my purposes? Any suggestions on what to get on preferably amazon-US?

I have read this page
, but mine doesn’t have the JSPI1 header.

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TPM header is for TPM, not useful here. SPI chip is a little borader, men might work with clip. Buy as written, dump the firmware and post a link to it. Looks like neoprgrammer possibly does know the chip? (https://www.overclock.net/threads/agesa-…1733304/page-34)

Thank you for the link.
This is the SPI TPM? header I mentioned.


His motherboard has a similar header but I am not sure I can use mine like he did, is that possible?

And I am sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “buy as written”.
Does that mean something like this will work?


This is a WSON8 surface soldered, the regular clip (SOIC8) on the SPI programmer will not work (The CH341 still does its job), some new needle pin pressure contacts clips r around the web, other than that de-soldering only.
Or search info on the 14pin Asus header.

biosisborked hi, where you able to programm the bios chip with this eepromm programer?, I am on the some situation and I would like to know if it worked for you before buying it. thanks

I ended up using the warranty, I had a friend who had the same motherboard so I just used his warranty. From the research I have done, de-soldering is the way to go or you have to trial and error with the various other clips. I didn’t have the required equipment to de-solder a modern mobo without damaging it and didn’t want to order 50 clips and waste hours, so I had to wait for 2 weeks for ASUS to fix it. I am sorry I am not much of a help.