Help at installing on a modern B550 motherboard

back story

even though this is a hell of a challenge (atleast for me), i’ve been able to get some? [really not much] progress for a system like this, people have gotten it on the same CPU… but they’ve always used an older motherboard, and the issue i get currently is 0x00007B, used to get the infamous ACPI one but i guess as said, pressing F7 works justtt fine.


my main computer:
cpu: amd ryzen 5 5600
gpu: amd radeon rx 6800
ram: t-force something 3600mhz cl18 (iirc)
ssd / hdd: silicon power a60 1tb / wd blue WD5000LPCX-24C6HT0 (ripped off my now dead old laptop(rip))

before anyone says anything, no, i am not installing this on my SSD. i have this HDD specifically for XP in mind, lol

and now back to the AHCI, device management just declares mine as the good 'ol Standard SATA AHCI Controller.
and here are them Hardware Ids. if anyone has an ahci driver for it, that’d be damn amazing!

p.s.: this is a project for fun, i’m 100% sure my gpu drivers will NEVER work, but i’m gonna have some fun atleast
and, for a tl;dr
tl;dr: trying to get ahci drivers for my ahci controller, can’t find any, if someone could help it’d be great. (and general help for installing windows xp on new hardware)

meh just did it with vista

NEONFLOPPY - How to get Windows XP running on modern hardware worked for me and i’m using an i3-12100f and a msi h610 mb, though when installing xp you will need to disconnect your ssd because you’ll get the “However, this disk does not contain a Windows XP-compatible partition.” when selecting a partition to install on. xp cannot interact with the ssd as it’s gpt and not mbr (i think you can use easyre to get around this but im not entirely sure) though this shouldnt apply to the x64 version