[HELP BIOS] Asus X55C / Motherboard X55VD Rev. 3.2

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with my Asus laptop. While installing a new OS from USB the laptop got stuck while accidently starting from an empty drive instead of the Installation-Stick. Now the laptop will startup, the fans run, but the screen stays black. I don’t even manage to get into the BIOS. Somehow it is bricked.

So i took it apart, ordered a CH341A USB stick to flash a new BIOS on the mainboard. It has not yet arrived, so i will have to wait until it does. Then I can hopefully get the information about UUID and serial number.

I have downloaded a new BIOS from the Asus website, but the file format is not a CAP, not a BIN and not a ROM. The file i get from the website is named: “X55CRAS.408”.

So i can’t open it with UEFITools. When renaming the file to .cap i can open it, but it is not like a Bios file should look like. There is no line that says “AMI Capsule Header”, but a lot more lines I can’t understand.

When opening the file with FD44Editor to edit the UUID and serial number, i get " Fatal error : Error parsing BIOS data. $BOOTEFI$ signature not found. Please open correct ASUS BIOS file."

1. How do i get a correct CAP-File from the X55CRAS.408-File to work with?

Any help would be appreciated!

@gamer_4 :
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The file named X55CRAS.408 is an absolutely normal AMI Aptio IV BIOS file, which can be opened and modded by the UEFITool and the AMI MMTool v4.50 without the need of renaming the BIOS file.
You have just to change the options within the “File type” field to “All files”.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

EDIT: By the way: The latest BIOS for the ASUS X55VD is named X55VDAS.409 and dated 01/08/2013. You can download it from >this< ASUS site.

Hello Fernando, thank you for the quick and helpful response! I just tried it and it works. i was able to save a bin file.

My programmer is delivered tomorrow. Then I will backup the chip information from my motherboard and merge it with the bios image from the Asus website with HxD program.
Hopefully it will work when I write the new data on the chip.
Now my question is this: When I copy the first part of my backup image and paste it into the new asus image with the hexeditor, do I have the original serial number, mac address?
Or do I have to find it in the imagefile and copy it separately?

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Ok, I managed to get a dumpfile from the old BIOS. Can somebody please combine the new Biosimage with the dumpfile to generate a flashable BIOS??

Thank you!