HELP bios msi p67a-gd65 v2.01

My motherboard bios brick how can i bin file from exe en burn in with ch341a.

mvg wim

@Tinda - First, you want to dump your BIOS before you write anything, and make sure it’s verfified and valid. Verified you will get reply back from programmer (Read, verify, then if verifies hit save).
Then make sure it’s valid by opening in hex to make sure not all FF or 00, then check with BIOS tools like UEFITool or UBU and see if it looks/acts similar to the stock BIOS, if yes good. If you are not sure, upload for someone to check.
This is done for two reasons, one to find the correct working software version and chip ID for your setup, that way if write/verify fails you know it’s probably some other cause. And two, so you have a copy of your board details if still survived the bad flash, serial, UUID, LAN MAC ID etc.

Here is several guides, two with many images to show you how to connect all properly
[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer
[Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM
[GUIDE] The Beginners Guide to Using a CH341A SPI Programmer/Flasher (With Pictures!)

Once you have done the backup and got a good file, send me your backup and I will make you new BIOS to program into board.
Here is package with several versions of the CH341A software and the main driver installer -…257455007472602

i cannot dump the bios is erase by a friend the new file is to big to flash this the bios

@Tinda - Did you mean you’re friend erased the BIOS already? If yes, tell him he’s not a good friend
I know where the BIOS is and have it ready for you to use, but was waiting on your board details to put in it. Since you don’t have them, do you just want the stock BIOS bin file?

i have him tell he is grazy can i fix it with stock file

Yes, you cannot program exe to BIOS anyway, must be extracted from the exe
Here is stock BIOS, rename to .bin extension if programmer wont take the file with .430 extension -…475301135359855

You may not be able to activate windows, or use onboard LAN. I can maybe fix LAN for you in another BIOS, if you can find LAN MAC ID on sticker of board, check all stickers, look on side of 24 pin and top/bottom sides of PCI/PCIE ports, and side/top/back of LAN metal block too.

Erase, blank check, then write/verify.

ok i do thanks m8

i find sticker lan 6c626de4de07 sticker up sound 01c9dab1 686 amibios 1999 fu55 9972 sticker for the battery b216620190 sticker behindbord p67a-gd65b1102206751 sticker bios e7681 ims180 this what i find

Show me images, that’s too confusing to see it like that. Probably 6c626de4de07 is your LAN MAC ID, and gd65b1102206751 or entire line is your serial.

Did you get the board running now?

no i open de file you give to me the program say the length to lang en show me fffffffffffffff file E7681IMS.430 to E7681IMS.bin

What? Open the file I sent you with programmer and write it, then verify. E7681IMS.430 = E7681IMS.bin = same/same

i will you tell tommorow of the bord work thanks for your help and send the images from the bord tommorow.

hi i back can you see of this file the orginal is it has a second bios maby is this ok i dont no im a nerd of this adummy

7681.rar (545 Bytes)

That is empty dump (all FF), so either he erased this chip for you too, or you need to use other version of the software. What is the exact BIOS ID, please look with light and magnifying glass if you need to, then I can maybe tell you best software version to use and chip ID to use (if exact is not best)