[Help] black ch341a programmer can read but can't write

Hello all

I’m trying to resurrect an MSI gt70 laptop (motherboard MS-17621) with a corrupted bios and so I’m using a black ch341a mini programmer with a SOP-8 clip to do this.

The problem is that i can read the chip but cannot write to it. I’ve tried with many software, different versions and 2 OS (win 7 64bit -> AsProgrammer v1.4.1, ch341a programmer v1.18 v.1.30 v.1.xx, fedora -> included flashrom) but the result remains the same with all, i can successfully read my BIOS chip and save my corrupted BIOS to a file but when i’m trying to erase or write the chip it fails without errors ! I mean the process of writing or erasing start without problem but takes a very long time (~1 hour) to complete and when it ends nothing has changed, my corrupted BIOS is still on the chip :frowning:

The backup of the corrupted BIOS is always the same with every software and my chip is always well detected.

The chip is a SOP-8 cFeon Q64-104HIP detected as an EON EN25Q64 by every software. The voltage range of this chip is 2.7-3.6 volts and i’ve seen the black ch341a programmer operates under 5V and a fix exists to make it operate under 3.3V. Could the problem come from there ? Or is there any write protection in this chip ??

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my bad english.

Best regards.

Hi friend,
i don’t think problem can be the programmer, may be the Climp …
i to check the climp, the cable and rest, get an Eeprom chip which i use to test the working level tools, and make the tests.
If i can read and write and erase it, by the Climp , then the issue is on Motherboard (may be the long cable to climp)
if i got an issue , then i get an soic8 adapter and eliminate the climp , if all is ok then problem is the Climp :wink:
You are talking about a Eeprom chip supported cFeon or EON is the same …
I cannot suggest others , my be any expert …