[HELP] Bricked ACER VN7-571G BIOS - Need help fixing it, please!

I need help fixing my bricked ACER Laptop. The model:

S/N: NXMRVEG0124510E3236600
SNID: 45105814766

A windows update updated my BIOS automatically. But after the update I had version 1.14 and no boot devices (I was not able to boot from my SATA SSD anymore) So I decided to downgrade to BIOS version 1.08 from Acer website. But after disabling version_check in platform.ini it told me that it is not for this platform. So (stupidly) i disabled platform_check and verify and didn’t make a backup with my programmer… After the uodate the screen stayed black and the power led on. Fan at full speed.

So I looked around on the internet for a BIOS dump and found a few. But sadly none of them worked… Same result. Even with 1.14 dump.

I have attached my broken BIOS bin file and the 2 I tried. I have found many more with different names but they were all the same file / dump.

It would be great if anyone can help me. Thanks

EDIT: Link to said files: https://mega.nz/file/7NtBUTZA#KOno9q7Pl0…jp-LO5GjfLk_YMw