HELP : Bricked my BIOS

Hi there, first of all sorry if I posted in wrong sub forum or even this is not a valid request at all. Just joined forum today.

Few days ago, I was using my Laptop Dell Inspiron 3521 when I downloaded a virus from Internet and accidentally ran it. To stop it, I booted windows in safe mode. But in doing so, It never started. Now I was facing Blacl Screen with 1 continuous beeps.

I checked on Dell site and they mentioned this is for Motherboard BIOS ROM Failure.

https:// www dell com/support/kbdoc/en-in/000132041/understanding-beep-codes-on-a-dell-notebook-pc

Then for searching solution on Internet, I came across Youtube video :

https:// youtu be/QrhrnGL7Eks

Basically, I needed to extract ROM and HDR Files from BIOS file (https:// com/FOLDER04995320M/1/3521A16.exe) but unable to do so.

I am getting Invalid WinFlash Parameters. Someone in comments suggested to use Win7 but same error is coming.

So, please help :

1) Will this method work? I am not even sure at this point.
2) How to extract ROM and HDR files from BIOS.

Also, I used 7 Zip tp extract BIOS.exe file and got isflash.bin. But I read you have to extract BIOS ROM and ME file from it. How to do that? I think I have used InsydeImage Extracter at github but getting error again.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.

No official Dell Bios recovery procedure for that model, usb method? Tthe motherboard is not dead……nt-package-dddp…os-updates#Five…ll-bios-updates

Hey bro, Can you explain what you meant? Will USB method work or not?

And regarding DDP link you suggested, I am unable to access BIOS menu to boot into pendrive. So will it work?


I don’t know anything about DELL methods, knowing that I never had one before. But I know some references to recover bricked BIOS without going to the service center (or maybe even service center can’t fix it). If you can’t boot to BIOS menu ( or can’t even see the boot logo ) you should try the ch341a flashing method. It requires you to disassemble the laptop and finding the right BIOS chip, you need a second laptop to do the flash though and of course the BIOS file it could be .102 .bin or something else.

I’ll give the references that I found:…m-the-dead.html
[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer *windows
[GUIDE] The Beginners Guide to Using a CH341A SPI Programmer/Flasher (With Pictures!) *linux
you can check how to setup the ch341a in some youtube videos

Maybe someone experienced will give you a better explanation or method. I gave you what I knew about the “Bricked BIOS” solution. Some device might have an easier way to recover the BIOS, but mine doesn’t.

Good luck!

Thanks bro. Will look into it.