[Help] Bricked my Samsung Odyssey while trying to edit BIOS

Hey guys!
Does anybody have a BIOS dump / rom for Samsung Notebook Odyssey NP850XBC-X02US?
I would be very grateful.

My Odyssey notebook only uses the dedicate graphics card by default. OEM BIOS doesn’t allow to change this setting and the integrated graphics doesn’t show up on device manager.
Since the power consumption is ridiculous, my battery life is just over an hour while in battery saver…
I’ve been looking into instructions on how to unlock hidden BIOS settings to enable the integrated graphics chip. I found only one programmer who modded the BIOS for this laptop series (I hadn’t noticed it was a slightly different model, probably the big problem here. He was working on np850xbc-x01, while mine is
np850xbc-x02us), and I emailed him trying to get help with my issue.
There was a language barrier but he ended up sending me some instructions:
USB boot to grub, and put in this command
setup_var 0xA4B 0x1
He used the BIOS dump at his disposal to identity which hex pointed to the integrated graphics card, and which parameter would enable it.

Anyway, after following instructions and restarting the laptop it got hard bricked. Caught in a loop and the power button flashes red, the screen stays black, and I can’t access anything - no BIOS, no USB boot - nothing.

After pulling my hair and spending hours researching this laptop that almost noone else uses, I decided to turn to repair shops. I found a hardware engineer with a BIOS chip reader, who said that he can take the chip out for me, but Samsung doesn’t provide a BIOS dump or rom for us to flash it with.

Does anybody have a BIOS dump / rom for Samsung Notebook Odyssey NP850XBC-X02US?
I would be very grateful. (Sorry for repeat)

I just bought this expensive laptop, and currently it’s as valuable the SSD and ram parts in it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Alternatively, if anybody has any other solutions I’m all ears!!

We’re also considering dumping what’s on the chip and seeing if we could just revert what I altered, since it was just one hex.
The only difference between the two models is that mine has a newer gen Intel processor, everything else should be the same. I also found a dump from that version of the laptop on forums here, so maybe if it’s similar enough it could help.

I would be very appreciative of any help!!