[HELP] Bypassing Error 28 PRR on Acer E5-571G 539K

Modified VBIOS of my 840m but unable to flash own unmodified dump.
In the first place there was Error 280 but I was lucky enough to disable the lock by changing 0x4AB to 0x0 (address was found here: Acer E G DS Bios Unlock). But now I’m getting 28 PRR.

What I have already tried:
* Sleep bug (close lid > wait couple of seconds > open lid > hit enter). No success.
* Prr2 (Dos > Prr2: Flash Protection could not be removed). No success.
* Prr (DOS > Prr > fpt -bios -f dump.bin). No success.

Here are bios dump, BACKUP_Tools results, original .fd image from Z5WAH132.exe and prr screenshots:

Appreciate any help.