[Help] can I flash my backup rom to recover corupted bios ?

Hello, my laptop is vbios was corupted and always freeze when I tried to install the and graphic driver, and after I flash the bios in the first thread now my AMD graphic card not showing up. I just remembered I made a bios backup with fptw64 from a long time ago right when I bought the laptop, can I flash this bios back to fix my corupted Vbios ?

dell5570backup.rar (4.57 MB)

@cuongvfc - That “usually” means dead/dying graphics card/chip, not corrupted vBIOS, but I suppose it could be corrupted vBIOS (would be rare). What “BIOS in first thread” did you flash, what thread, and what method did you flash etc?
FPT backup is of BIOS, not vBIOS. But, some BIOS have vBIOS inside the BIOS, other’s the vBIOS is on it’s own chip on the card itself. What is your graphics you are talking about that had the issue with driver install?

Yes, you can use FPT backup to fix BIOS, if vBIOS is in BIOS then it will be fixed. You can use FPT backup via programmer or FPT, but if using programmer you must be sure it’s correct size and split correctly to each chip if this is a dual chip BIOS Dell (some are, some are not)
The FPT dump you attached above is BIOS region ONLY, so this by itself cannot be used with programmer, unless/until you dump chip’s current contents and then replace it’s BIOS region with the file above.
It can be used in FPT, be sure you use the -bios flag - example >> FPTw.exe -bios -f filename.bin
You may have to disable BIOS lock first via RU or setup_var method etc, or put on FD/FDO/Service/Management jumper if this system has such (if so, put on, reboot three times, then do flash)

my laptop is dell inspiron 5570 with Radeon 530 graphic card. but I can’t find a full 16Mb bios dump or vbios for my radeon 530. these are the 2 bios I tried to flash, but I think it from a board without dGPU so it doesn’t have a dgpu vbios ? Can you take a look at these 2 files ?


LA-F115P_ME_CLEAN 1.2.1 KBL.BIN.zip (5.96 MB)