Help CH341A + W25X80ADA12 (M4A78-EM) "Chip main memory with the contents are in disagreement"

Hi, first sorry for my bad english, the program read correct the bios W25X80ADA12 (CH341A Programmer 1.34 and AsProgrammer 1.4.0) and make backup, but when try record complet 100% send message "Chip main memory with the contents are in disagreement"
With AsProgrammer directly not writing and send Verification error on address: 00000000

chip main memory with the contents are in disagreement.jpg

Verification error on address- 00000000.jpg

Thx in advance for any hellp, bye :wink:

What are you actually writing? The two files you have open in the above images don’t even match each other.

1, Make sure backup is good, valid, and you can read it with BIOS tools (Unless this is EC FW, if that is case, try to compare in hex or text and see if it looks similar to other known good EC FW)
2. Erase chip
3. Blank Check
4. Open File
5. Write
6. Verify

Try version 1.18 or 1.30…257455007472602

I’ve not seen this error before in ASProgrammer, maybe you need to click “Unprotect” and then try again with ASProgrammer, if that still fails, try again with CH341A software

Thx!!! "Lost_N_BIOS" Unprotect :wink:


Sadly the mother is dead, i remove the lan chip (hot) with solder estation to recover the mobo; not working, grab bios with the last version (maybe is corrupt) but nothing…

Good that finally let it write for you! Why did you remove LAN chip to recover motherboard??? This may be why the board wont run now

Sorry, I don’t understand your last comments either. Often, you cannot simply download BIOS from manufacturer and put on with flash programmer, usually it’s not complete BIOS.

Additionally, the above mentioned chip may not be BIOS chip, these chips are often EC FW or other FW, BIOS chip would be much larger chip usually unless old board but even then usually different chip is uses.
What motherboard is this? Please link me to the BIOS download page, and also upload for me the file you are writing with programmer.

thx again! “Lost_N_BIOS” yes i recover 2 mothers removing the lan chip

, but not this… maybe the mistake throw heat from the bottom side of the motherboard (new technique
not recommended).
The mobo is old but perfect for me :wink: this is last BIOS grab (thx to you !!!) LINK and this one was in memory (1 MB)

What is point of removing LAN Chip?? Is the LAN Dead/faulty? If not, how does removing this help with recovery? Sorry, I can’t understand discussion on first video, so I’m lost here
Is that you working in second video? If yes, good work But, you missed adding some flux between those chip swaps, it helps a lot to ensure everything flows and connects only where it should, but I’m sure you know this
I like the “Finger Test” for overheat/short, I do this as well

What is “Original.rom” Is that a dump from the chip of a working board? If yes, did you dump it? Is that what you are trying to write, that fails?
I see this is 1MB BIOS, so I guess that probably is the correct chip and not EC FW, I assumed it was not such an older board.

Since this is much older BIOS, and it’s complete BIOS from Asus at stock form, you can probably write the stock BIOS to board and it should run (but you loose serial and maybe LAN MAC ID)

Please where can I download bios driver because I can’t find it on the manufacturer website. I am new here thanks.

@NullNullNull - What BIOS do you need, for what motherboard model??

please help, i download bios firmware for Q-see qt5682 here…960H-Analog-DVR, its a recorder for cctv…
i got error using ch341a saying “chip with the contents are in disagreement”

@The_Birdman05 - what is the chip ID, and what software version are you trying to use now?