[Help] Changing product name and mtm on a Lenovo laptop


I’m very new to forums, BIOS and everything in general.

I have a Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop. Recently, the motherboard on it has been changed and they forgot to update the product name and MTM. I have seen several guides scattered around the internet, but none really have a clear picture of what to do. So far, I have downloaded H2OEZE, got a .exe file of my BIOS from the official website and uploaded the .fd file into H2OEZE. This is where I’m stuck. Further steps or easier solutions for the problem would be appreciated.

I’ve heard that the Lvar64 or Amidedos tool can help, but haven’t found a link to either of them.



Not to be arrogant, but help would still be appreciated.

@PlzHelp - Still be appreciated? Have you waited days or something? Just pulling your chain, but really it’s only two hours between your posts

EZE is not used here, and AMI Tools can’t be used on Insyde BIOS

You need LVAR/LVAR64 as you mentioned, it’s in this package - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…981484929799336
And in thread linked below (post #13 - and in package) is how to use
[TOOL] H20EZE - Insyde “Easy BIOS Editor”


Sorry for the impatience. Spent days searching through forums for the tool and instructions. Appreciate your help a lot.