[Help] Check SLIC mod on Intel® Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K

Hi, read to the end to understand the problem!

A distant family member works at Intel. I asked if it was possible to insert the SLIC, in an update file on my Intel motherboard. He said it was not possible, because my Intel motherboard had an RSA signed BIOS. He didn’t have access to the production signing tools, but said he had access to an old program called VCUST, which was able to insert a SLIC without touching the protected part of the BIOS update file. He asked for some information from my motherboard, SLIC and sent a .BIO file to “update” my motherboard. It didn’t give me any guarantee that it would work on my Intel motherboard model, as it was an internal program. The help I need is if he inserted a SLIC in the .BIO file, not some malicious code, the signature is still valid or if my motherboard will become a brick after the “update”. “.BIO” File: Removed.
All members have a good day and thank you for your attention.

I see an ACER Slic 2.1 inserted… its supposed to be ur friend and working at Intel… it should be more experienced on the subject than us, why didnt u asked him ur doubts?
The hard part is the flash itself and no one can assure nothing as he also cant also… didnt he advised u to have a SPI programmer and making full SPI backups.

I wouldn’t say he’s a friend, but a part of the family…
I asked the questions, but for lack of confidence I decided to expose my problem here, just to be sure. He put in exactly the SLIC I asked for, confirmed by MeatWar’s comment. I don’t even know how to use a hex editor, I wouldn’t want to play around with a SPI programmer with or without soldering. Not having problems with the .BIO file, I’ll have to risk it. He can’t help much since he lives in another country. Thanks.