[Help]coffee lake support in ASRock z270 killer SLI/ac

hello, I’ve been reading the gides for the coffee lake mod on 100/200 series chipsets but are way too many threads and I’m pretty lost,i wan’t to know if my board is compatible and if someone can help me with the little job :smiley:

i buyed this board recently for my 6600k and want to upgrade to a 8600k but the z370 boards are crazy expensive in my country. i know the risks and i’m willing to take them, for science

Do you have flash programmer? If not, order one now so it will arrive eventually, only $3 on ebay (Ch341A flash programmer)

These are the two main current threads - [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards
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Asrock Z270 SuperCarrier is confirmed working with the mod, so probably your board can too once you do all the mods (Also, this is third related thread, probably needs applied as well PCIE Patcher)
Fixing PCI-Express for Coffee Lake CPUs on Sky/Kaby Lake non-Asrock(and some new Asrock) motherboards (7)

I’d recommend the EZP2010 programmer, its a little more expensive than the CH341A but it’s a lot more robust and comes with a lot of adapters. By the looks of that Z270 board you’ll also be needing a SOIC clip to go with the programmer.

Thanks @ket I didn’t even look, assumed Asus/Asrock so DIP8 BIOS and no SOIC8 test clip cable needed, when did Asrock start doing SOIC again or only on certain models?
Damn, that’s 10x more expensive on few sites, unless you get on ebay. Good price on ebay, only $10 or so, I see EZP2013 is only $15, is it any better?

@Lost_N_BIOS Asrock, and most other manufacturers (all currently?) switched to SOIC chips a while ago the last board I remember seeing that was DIP still was an Asrock Z77 Extreme 6. Pretty sure SOIC became the new norm from Z87/97 onward regardless of if the board was AMD or intel. I can’t comment on the EZP2013 as I’ve not used one but by the looks of it its the exact same programmer just with more updated programming software. I got my EZP2010 with like 8 adapters for about £10

Damn, I hadn’t even noticed they all switched! I’ve always seen Asus/Asrock having socketed for most of their lineup (95%) and MSI/Gigabyte SOIC for 99% of theirs. Asus I’ve had several past Z87/Z97 and most still DIP8 there at least, but I have not handled many newer Asrock so didn’t notice they changed back over to SOIC

Thanks for the info on this programmer, I’ll have to pick one up sometime for testing purposes, I grabbed both cheap CH341A models for that reason to help users here too.
I use this one myself, along with several of his adapters (Solderless SOIC PCB jumpers, MSI/Asus PCB based SPI header adapter, etc). It’s covered everything I’d thrown at it for a few years, made me lots of $$ saving boards too!

Handy little programmer that, only reason I’ve never bought a USB one like that is due to how easily those USB connections can break especially on bare PCBs, didn’t want to be resoldering

It’s manufactured well, held up for at least a few years for me and I’ve used it over 1000+ times for sure.
I initially picked this one due to it’s solderless options, and then talked to the seller and he told me about his shipping which is much faster than from China and in a hard box, so I’ve order from him now 5-6 times and each time 10-14 days for delivery every time.