[HELP] Dell Optiplex 7000MFF(12th) Enabling INTEL ME(VPRO)

I have a DELL optiplex 7000MFF,the INTEL AMT was Disabled.I look 2 chips in mainboard.Which one is the BIOS.who has the experience…

One is GigoDevice [25B128ESIG] the other one is GigoDevice [25R256EYIG]

You don’t need the bios, you’d need the complete firmware, which is possibly distributed on both chips. If you unpack the Dell firmware update the bios region alone is 32MB, vpro Firmware possibly being another 8 to 10 MB?

Fpt(w(64)) -i might tell you some details.

Are all the requirements for vpro fullfilled? CPU, chipset, LAN adapter?

Thanks for your reply!
CPU is 12500T(support vpro)、CHIPSET is Q670、LAN is Intel i225.
The specification said,BIOS are 2 chips(32MB+16MB)…never saw that situation…It had a bit difficult…

Well, dump both chips, put the 2 files together for a complete firmware, open in FIT, change the settings, buils a new outimage.

There are a lot of threads for older systems, however I don’t think it’s done / described for ME 16 often before.

Thanks!If I merge 2 files to one,can I use [copy /b] in windows command line mode?
IF after I done (made outimage—Actually, I didn’t do that ),What will I do that restore the one file to 2 BIOS chips?

If you dump with programmer make sure the dumps are valid- at least 2 identical dumps that give a correct structure in UEFIToolNE- Might be possible to dump with fpt, too.

I prefer a hex editor for merging, but copy command will do, too, if files are in correct sequence.

FIT will you give one complete file and 2 in chipsize. Use a programmer to program back the needed part(s), probably only one chip.

There’s quite a lot of information on these topics in the forum.

Thank you very much for your these infomations. :+1:
I will find some posts…