[HELP] Dell Precision 5810 bricked after upgrading bios in DOS

The motherboard got bricked during a quite standard DOS flashing session using Dell’s T5810A30.exe, flashed, reported success, rebooted and got stuck in POST - no video, no keyboard initialization.

I got CH314A, de-soldered the bios chip Winbond 25Q128FVSQ, however I wasn’t able to find any SPI dumps for 5810 to flash it back.
Could anyone share a 16 MB dump of the original Dell bios?
Or maybe help to unpack a full bios image from the Dell EXE file?

Dell 5810 BIOS A29

Thank you.

Could someone please check the dump and let me know what was corrupted and how get it fixed:


@Lost _N_BIOS, please.

Thank you in advance.

Hi novegg4 !
I’had the exact same issue, could you please tell me if you had any chance to restore your bios ?
And how did you made this possible ?
Thanks by advance !

Best regards

HI :Op

Did you try one of this Bios recovery procedure ? :