Help: Driver for install XP on Celeron N2830

Hi Fernando and everyone here!

Here a XP die hard user. I have skipped the installation of vista/7/8/ during years in my computers thanks to your AHCI drivers… but now I cannot get a solution:

Here I have a new Celeron N2830 laptop: PackardBell (an Acer brand). Model EasyNote ENTF71BM. Celeron N2830. Intel HD graphic

0x000007E acpi.sys error on XP installation

Is there any solution to avoid this BSOD? I cannt change SATA to IDE in the bios and Im getting really nervous using windows7… because I know that everything would go smoother in XP :frowning:

@travolter :
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To avoid this ACPI problem during the XP installation you have to press F5 or F7 while prompted to press F6 and then change the ACPI setting.
I don’t know any other solution.

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Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi Fernando!
I tested already the f5/f7 keys and I tried all the options there… but the BSOD problems persist… I dont know if others had same problem and found a solution