HELP! (Flash Programming Tool (LINUX64)) Intel CMS Tools V11

Some time ago I downloaded Intel ME Tools for “Intel(R) Sunrise Point Chipset”.
This file included the linux version of FPT.
Unfortunately I can’t find it. I found another version but is not compatible with the chipset.
Does anybody have it?
All archives I downloaded have only dos/win/efi versions.

@Zibri :
Your chosen thread title is the most informative one I have ever seen.

And you answer is the most informative I have ever received

In other words I need Intel CSME Tools version 11 but including

Flash Programming Tool (LINUX32) and
Flash Programming Tool (LINUX64)

I found this for v12 but not for v11.

And many files are missing from the attachments in the forum.

Can anybody help?

There are no attachments, all links work, there was never FPT v11 for Linux.