[help] flashing mod bios for the wrong machine !!!

Hello everyone,
I have several mini PCs and I made a mistake, I flashed the bios of one of my CK10-C 8259u from Windows 11 with a version for another machine (AZW SEi) thinking I was on the right mini PC. pc…

It starts but the screen remains black and the hard reset doesn’t change anything.
Impossible to do the procedure with the AMIBOOT.ROM file on a usb key (fat32) (CTRL+ Home)

I also tried with the reset button held down for 30 seconds, etc.

The only reaction I had is when I hold the reset and put the plug back in, I have the power LED flashing very quickly but nothing happens, still black screen

Do you have a solution to reflash the ck-10-c with the original version of AMI bios?

I have a backup of the original ck10-c bios, but I don’t know what action I need to do to boot the ck10-c on my USB stick (fat32) which contains the original bios file.

Motherboard: CK12_L_v11

If anyone knows the procedure (reset or power button or the script you need, etc.,???

thank you in advance for your help

Not all systems have a user access to boot block or recovery features… even worst when the firmware flashed is a wrong one and breaks any of these features.
Most of this situations can only be fixed using an SPI programmer.
Other than that you can try to ask to Amazon or AliExpress…were you probably bought it.