Help for add options "Boots Graphic Adapter Priority" on the motherboard supermicro x8dt6-a-is018(X8DT6-F)

I have a x8dt6-a-is018 motherboard which is the same as supermicro x8dt6-f.
I added an external video card. When the system starts, the signal is output from the external video card.
The motherboard has been updated with the latest supermicro bios.

On the supermicro “x8dah±f” motherboard there is a “Boots Graphic Adapter Priority” option, will anyone be able to blink to add this option to x8dt6-a-is018 (x8dt6-f).

I need the signal to be able to come out of the internal video card to have IPMI.
The external video card is attached to a virtual server.

What should I give to modify the bios?


Ill give my opinion, still haven’t seen yet any mod for wot u want and ur not the 1rst one to ask for.
And this is an old AMI Core8 legacy bios, not UEFI…
U cant just add a string variable (or a GOP driver, Bios is NOT UEFI, still legacy AMI Core8) to the bios structure like the one u saw in the other motherboard bios, simply doesn’t work as intende as several other advanced changes is need in bios.
Thats it, nothing more i can help… good luck.