Help Getting Past 'the file size exceeds the space in the volume" error in MMTool?

Hi all I am fairly new to this forum, but have a particular interest in setting up NVME support on my GA-Z77X-UD5H rev 1.0 motherboard which is running f14 bios (the latest non-beta). I have tried using this guide >here< to make my ssd a boot drive. However when trying to insert the extracted .ffs from the z97-ud5h latest bios file I get an error which states 'the file size exceeds the space in the volume".

I have tried using both versions 4.5 and 5 of MMTool, and using the x99 and z97 version of the gigabyte motherboard bioses to retrieve the nvme files, and insert them, but it seems that I do not have a sufficient amount of space. Bear in mind that I have also tried to apply this to the beta versions of the z77 bios with no success. So my question is, Is there a way to free up space in my BIOS file to allow me to insert the nvme files? I want to apologize if I am missing something that is staring me right in the face, because I am new to bios modding. I have combed through several different forums and threads about adding NVME support to unsupported motherboards, and have not found the answer that I am looking for. Any help would be appreciated.

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With which option ("As is" or "Compressed") did you insert the modules? If you had chosen "Insert as is", I recommend to try the "Insert compressed" option.
Another possibility is to insert the modules not at once, but one by one and saving the BIOS file after each insertion.
The removal of any other BOS modules to get the needed space is very risky, especially when you are not sure regarding its function.

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I have chosen to insert as compressed, and I am still receiving the space error. How would I go about inserting the files as a bios module? The way you said it was a bit confusing to me. Also Thanks for responding! :slight_smile:

I meant BIOS file (and not BIOS module). I am sorry about having confused you.

I meant BIOS file (and not BIOS module). I am sorry about having confused you.

I have tried to insert them individually, using “insert as compressed” by selecting the nvme.ffs file through the Browse option but it doesn’t insert due to space issues, would using the UBU tool help? I don’t know how to insert the files altogether.