[HELP] Hitachi External USB 3.0 HDD (Touro Desk Pro) Unrecognized in Windows 10 (Fernando driver unpluged on write)

Hitachi External USB 3.0 3TB HDD (Touro Desk Pro) Unrecognized in Windows 10. All windows 10 x64 up to 1909
But it working and recognized at “Safe mode” and both read and write!

When install Fernando drivers (intell 8-Series) and until opened “Windows Disk Manager” (diskmgmt.msc) it works to “Read” , but “Unplug” random on write (mostly on files with size more then ~10mb) like on video:

Other guy topic with solotion send to not working web link - tell to get and install windows 7 drivers

Trying install like this, but dont have success (like it is not compatible):

Help please!

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As already written >here<, I cannot help you.


One guy told he have solution(link not working)
"I have copied drivers from old Windows and overwrite them into Windows 10. That works"

Can you help reproduce how to do this? I have old windows 7 files

you can try this tool to clean the usb drivers USBDeview v3.01,update windows 10 to the latest,then plugging it back in and let the windows find an appropriate driver for it
if it does not work again,install the driver that provided for the device.other then that there is nothing you can do

USBDeview v3.01 is a good tool but if this won’t work I’d like to recommend you reinstall Windows and try again.