[Help] How to mod bios for fan control

I have an Asus Laptop UX481FL with AMI Bios. I want change the fan speed so it is more aggressive. How would I do this? I understand the inherit risks that come with modding the bios. I am also a noob with bios so please elaborate on the details. Thanks!

Test with HWiNFO64 if you can control your fans and how many steps there are. The fan controls are a bit hidden inside the app but you’ll find it, I’m sure!

Once you know how many speeds you can decide if you want to move forward. If it only has 2-3 speeds I wouldn’t mess with the rpm but just edit the points where the fan goes on. They could be setup to 60c before the start working, you can change those 50c in most bios. Messing with rpm is not something I would do on laptops with minimal control (2-3 speed settings).

You can also try undervolting with Intel XTU and set the fans to go on and/or faster at a lower temperature in UEFI.

You’d have to extract your bios from your laptop, then extract that file and hunt for tables containing things regarding fan/thermals. If you can dump your bios and attach to a post I can have a look and let you know if anything can be changed and how I found it and how you can change it.

HWiNF064 doesn’t even detect my laptop fans. I have already undervolted with throttlestop. How do I dump bios and attach to this website?

I downloaded the current bios from Asus’s website. The file format is .305, how do I extract/dump the file?

Try making a backup with this: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details…up_toolkit.html

It should give a full bios dump.

The tool cannot recognize my bios.