[HELP] How to (re-)flash the correct BIOS for my ASUS GL553VD?

Hi to All.
okay, so I actually have ASUS GL553VD. I had a black screen after installing Intel HD 630 Graphics, but to install VGA GTX 1050 was successful without a problems.

I was trying to mess with WinFlash, when I realized the laptop was running GL553VE BIOS, while mine actually GL553VD. How can I force reinstall the G553VD BIOS?


"Checking my bios version using Hwinfo64 software."


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Flashing different bios is not allowed for a reason!

Are you sure that you have D and not E, cause the bios Model is not included in the bios file, even if you force flash a different bios the model will not change!

Can you please tell me the device ID of your nvidia card?

Usually, asus mboards use a generic base board ID on the PCB…its not to trust all the info by software.
Flashed yesterday a client computer that was a F540NA and its a X540 base bios file Ex: VivoBook F540 A540 X540 r ALL base board X540
So indeed ur base board can be the same as both models share the same bios version AS308, even if the name of the download file has VEAS308 ou VDAS308.

@jen11 yeah, but in my backdoor laptop it’s says GL553VD.
here i can explain why i"m pretty sure my laptop is GL553VD because this is the real information provided on official website asus that explained :

- GL553VD come with intel I7-7700HQ with Nvidia gtx 1050 (non ti)
- While the GL553VE come with I7-7700HQ with Nvidia gtx 1050 Ti

You can look for my backdoor type in the below its says GL553VD-FY280 (without T)
While the GL553VE-FY280T

And a postscript that i have same problem but with different type model and he’s from my country too and got done force flashing different model using ch341a cause fault install wrong bios without attention to the real type of the laptops.

Here my post with same similar problems : https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-H…different-model


If you have the correct Board Id you should flash the GL553VD without any issue, have you tried flashing the new version 308! Before trying anything, try flashing the signed bios 308

here is the link https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/GL…L553VDAS308.zip

Your bios is AMI 5 which has a lock, you can try looking at this [Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

You can try [Tool Guide] AMI Setup - IFR Extractor AMISetupWriter to remove your bios lock

@jen11 how to check device id for my nvidia gtx 1050 ? My gpu is running fine for gaming and using cinebench or furmark.

@MeatWar yeah!
Why i’m pretty sure if my laptops its GL553VD is the vga is gtx 1050 (non ti) and the full type is GL553VD-FY280 (without T)
And I"m sure that GL553VE and GL553VD is the same GL553 series on base boards.

And this is my chipname on this photo:

ID : 0xEF4017

And Sorry again for my bad english :’(


First don’t do anything

Send me a screen shot of your NVIDIA ID it is the device manager > display adapters > details > hardware id

like in the screen shot

Annotation 2021-01-16 160947.png

@jen11 on yesterday i’m done flashing my GL553VE AS308 to GL553VD AS308 using AFUWIN but after done flashing i"m checking my bios type on dxdiag, msinfo32 and hwinfo64 they all says has changed from GL553VE to GL553VD. BUT, when i"m checking on device manager on tab System Firmware he has 2 Device with version 308. (The true is 1 device on System Firmware aka BIOS itself while i’m reverted to GL553VE AS308) and when i"m update bios or downgrade bios ONLY VERSION GL553VE using WinFlash update or downgrade (add “nodate” parameter) it’s succesfully and continue EZ flash 3 loading on UEFI.

While i’m trying flashing using WinFlash on Bios GL553VD AS308, The WinFlash software he said : “Bios is not Valid” not work. If using “nodate” paramater he said “Your Bios version is Older” i’m looking on WinFlash menu is showing same version 308 on Current bios and version 308 to be installed bios and he said that bios is older even though the bios version is the same.

@jen11 here is my hardware ID for my gpu.


Did you try using the bios utility? When you enter the bios is there an option to update the bios in the bios setup utility?

You have NVIDIA 1050 and thus GL553VD,

Before unlocking your bios and flashing using Intel flashing programming tool, I would recommend trying flashing using the normal method, do you an option in the bios to update the bios file

@jen11 about bios utility i dont notice any update bios.

I dont notice option to update my bios automatically.
And thank you for identifying my real gpu hardware id is the real gtx1050.
And now in the morning i’m has been ordered the ch341a+SOIC8 test clip for flashing my bios since it’s not applied for flashing bios in fpt, or maybe i’m still confusing to installing bios using fpt and if you prefer me to instal my bios using fpt, please give me the detail guide how to force flash different bios on fpt and modified it.

@jen11 when i want to update my bios from GL553VE AS307 to GL553VD AS308 using EZ flash he said : "instal failed" and my laptops restart to boot on windows.
That it.

ok, check this thread to unlock your bios [Tool Guide] AMI Setup - IFR Extractor AMISetupWriter

and this to flash your bios file [Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

Don’t flash for now, take it slowly and share anything you doubt before you do anything

@jen11 thank you for the guide.
But first can you give me guide how to backup my NVRAM, UUID, LAN MAC ?
I’m looking my friend’s conversation on bios mod forum with Lost_N_BIOS He’s give disclaimer and said : “this firmware may loose your UUID or serial and LAN MAC.” If you can help me how to backup it?

And please give me long time to start conversation now in here is 11:13 PM i hope can faster you replied.

I believe the ASUS DMI Configuration Utility will help you with that. Should be able to backup the current tabled but you can always copy the pertinent information just incase.

@setya87 The bios dump you saved in post #6 contain everything, just save it in a safe place (external usb drive)

these information will be erased when flashing stock bios file using intel flash utility, lost bios was right about it, good thing you mentioned it, but if you flash the dump file they will be restored

as long as you have the dump file you are safe, and if you post it here I can help you write these information to the stock bios file

Update 1 : result on IFR showing these GUID for my bios dump using Intel csme system tools v11 r37.
But, the subGUID is not detected for my bios dump.
Is the subGUID important ?
Or im continue and ignore it about the subGUID?

@HP_ThinksUrDumb thanks for the information, but dont know how to backup current table’s on ASUS DMI configuration utility.
And give me linked guide how to do it.

@jen11 Here my bios dumps for GL553VE AS308 (Extract by 7z)


UPDATE 2 : VarOffset 0x8AA
Default Value 0x0 mean my bios Capsule is DISABLE LOCK ?


UPDATE 3 : amisetupwriter 0x8AA 0x0 and the result like this:


Here’s my VBIOS version is 1049 is correct with my gtx1050 (non Ti) gpu ?
The VBIOS version comeback after flashing from current bios GL553VE AS307 to latest GL553VE AS308 via Ezflash 3 and my VBIOS come back! Before the status is N/A (flashing 3 or 4 times) and now VBIOS is back!


Last report and not rush to flash my bios now just waiting BIOS modding guru to be helped my problem.
This is the STOCK of GL553VD AS308 last check has 0x0 or BIOS lock disable and i dont know how the next step to go.


Now what should i do?
I’m actually not hurried, but i’m still curious what should i do for replace the information of my bios to modified bios GL553VDAS308.
Still confused :’’(

@setya87 Your bios is locked, please check again the thread I linked before to unlock your bios, [Tool Guide] AMI Setup - IFR Extractor AMISetupWriter

on a USB drive, make a folder EFI and sub-folder inside it named Boot and then copy the efi file as BOOTX64.EFI and unlock your bios (you may have to disable secure boot) (btw I never used that utility I used another one but it is more complicated for you) or simply just extract Boot_Shell_AmiSetupWriter.rar into the root fodler of the USB flash and boot using it,

I made a new bios for you, I didn’t mode or update any module, or the microcode, it is up to you if you want to I can do it for you.

The bios I am uploading has the same EC first 128KB so there is no risk for bricking the motherboard, however , I will recommend that you do it at your own risk and remember there is always a chance to do things wrong.

again, don’t do anything your are not sure of, post anything you are not sure of, to wait is better than bricking your motherboard

GL553VD-AS.rar (3.4 MB)