[Help] How to unlock Chipset menu?

Hi everyone,
I have a Asrock IMB-170-V which is a industrial motherboard that can fit 3rd gen laptop CPUs, and has many options unlocked by default. Still, I wanted to unlock all the bios options and really have a lot of configurability, and managed to unlock most bios options with AMIBCP. However, I could not show the Chipset menu despite setting all the options to user. I tried to do a AMITSE edit, but don’t seem to know how since my bios does not look standard, but i would like to learn how to make AMITSE modifications to the bios too. I could not seem to find the "suppress if " option for the chipset menu. I tried to follow some guides on how to do such a edit but failed too. So could anyone guide me through on how to do the edit, since I would like to learn this skill?

Attached below are the original bios files and the one with all options set to user. Please change the partially modded file, and use the original file as reference.
Download bios files

Hi friend,
Could you upload the Menu Tabs shown (actually and originals / you know at stock bios) photos to see what was enabled and what you enabled …

You have this EFI IFR :

Form Sets
Offset: Title:
0x2F5B9 Main (0x7 from string package 0x0)
0x3C4DF OC Tweaker (0x64 from string package 0x0)
0x3EACC Advanced (0x1C from string package 0x0)
0x48E55 Tool (0x68 from string package 0x0)
0x48FA6 H/W Monitor (0x66 from string package 0x0)
0x49443 Chipset (0x1E from string package 0x0)
0x4EED0 Boot (0x20 from string package 0x0)
0x4F750 Security (0x2C from string package 0x0)
0x4FBE6 Exit (0x5C from string package 0x0)

but i don’t know which ones were displayed and which not …

Remember i need to know the stock bios (before you unlocked by AMIBCP) tabs visible, if you have photos before is better, if no write almost them and post actually situation.

Let me know

Hi BDMaster,
Sorry for the late reply as I was really busy with other things. Only the OC Tweaker and Chipset menu are not shown in the bios. Attached below is a picture of the stock bios (note I changed one of the BIOS tabs from HW monitor to system monitor for some reason, so it is basically the same thing.)

bios menus.jpg