HELP/IDEA about DELL T7600 Microcode upgrade

Hello Guys!

i have a dell T7600 Workstation and for xmas i got 2x E5-2643V2 CPU as gift. Unfortunetelly its only support V1 cpus. Maybe cos dell after this machine relased a newer model a T7610 which basically is same machine just it support V2.

what you think its possible to mod the T7600 bios with newer microcode or something for support the V2 xeons?


@Fgp303 - Yes, microcode may be all you need, but it’s hard to know for sure without some testing. Do you have a flash programmer *Hardware like CH341A?

Pleases link to latest version of each stock BIOS and I will check it out.

@Lost_N_BIOS thanks for the help!

here is the latest bios file for T7600: T7600A16

the newer machine T7610: T7610A17

i dont have Flash programmer, i know its a cheap device so i can buy one - just my knowledge is lack about how and what can i do with it :slight_smile:

What you can do with $2.50 programmer and $2.50 SOIC8 test clip cable is save your board from being bricked within 2-3 minutes, vs having a brick and waiting 3-5 weeks for programmer and cable to arrive so you can recover
Order a set now, it’s so cheap everyone should have one just in case. We have guides here on how to use, and if you ever need I can help you too

I will check the BIOS tonight when I get back and let you know what I think, and send you BIOS to test if it looks like it could simply be microcodes need added.

@Fgp303 - I did quick check and research, and seems you need ME8 to run the V2/Ivy CPU’s, T7600 only ME7.1
So force crossflash/program in is only way to test if the board will boot those or not, simply adding in microcode wont help and we can’t update ME7.1 to ME8, there’s too many modules that also need updated (This needs done by manufacturer)

Okay, let me know if you have any info! Thanks!

I gave all info I have above @Fgp303 - we can test T7610 BIOS on the board, but you may need to replace BIOS chip with larger one, depending on current sizes. No matter what, I would not do anything with this until you have a flash programmer and can recover.
I think there is two BIOS chips on each system, what is the chip ID’s of both of your BIOS? Are they in socket, or soldered on?

I think its soldered, will check soon!

Soldered is OK, you’ll just need to order test clips + Programmer then. (Only $6ish for both total)

i ordered one from this:

That would work, but you could have gotten cheaper if you ordered all those items separately, about half that price

Hi Team, I am trying to insert nvmexpressdxe_4 module into Dell Precision T7600 to boot from NVME PCIe drive, no issue in creating/assemble T76000A17.exe file, but while installing modified BIOS I am getting following error.

Error: Unable to read the BIOS update payload.

Can you please help me on this…?

T7600A17_mod.rar (5.41 MB)

System BIOS-A.17.rar (2.05 MB)

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS , can you please help with BIOS mod for Dell precision T7600 workstation