HELP Incompatible video controller.poration. IMSM

Yesterday my PC crashed while out of the room and I come back to this: vesa function 0x4f02 returned AX =34f when trying to get into the setup utility can someone please help. The attached picture shows one of two screens I get stuck on


@Swade187 :
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If you want help, you should give us some basic informations about your system (mainboard/chipset/HDDs resp. SSDs/SATA mode/OS).
Dieter (alkias Fernando)

It’s an optiplex 780 DT with two custom parts, a thermaltake 630 bronze PSU and a and radeon xfx R7

Oh and a 500gb Western Digital Caviar Blue HD

Your error message indicates, that you are running the on-board Intel SATA Controller in RAID mode.
On the other hand the RAID mode doesn’t make much sense, if you have just 1 HDD attached to your system.
Please give me the name of your on-board Intel SATA Controller. Run the Device Manager and expand the “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller” and “Storage Controllers” sections.

When I try to get to the BIOS I get this message 100%of the time incompatible video controller Vesa 0x4f02 = 34f

It says my AHCI BIOS is not installed as well

@Swade187 :
You should better contact the Dell Support than us.

the warranty expired years ago😕

They are the ones who told me it was expired because I tried them

The Support has nothing to do with the warrenty.

According to them they can’t support me because warranty is expired

It is rather unsual, that a manufacturer of a product does not even answer a product related question.
After having done a Google search for your problem (I just entered the title of your thread into the “Search” box) I found >this< and >this< discussion. Maybe you can get help this way.

it’s a business machine with Q45 chipset.