[HELP] Is there any way of expanding memmory support in amibios8?

Hey guys, I’ve been introduced to bios modding a few weeks ago to get my motherboard cabable of nvme boot. Everything went right, and now I’m thinking about memmory compatibility.
My board (P6X58-D premium) support page says that DDR3 sticks up to 4 GB, non ECC are supported. Since the memmory controller is in the CPU, I’m using a X5675 and have some 8GB ecc dimms, and would like te be able to use 3x8GB
By my searches, I’ve seen it has to do with B1 module, my question is: is there any way I can swap my bios mem config with one that have best memmory support? Like a server one?
If someone can explain me that or point me to a tutorial please, help.