[HELP] laptop bricked Asus GL702ZC

Hi people how are you? a long time ago i bricked a laptop, an Asus GL702ZC, raising the TDP of the GPU from the Vbios using this program or program very similar to this https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ati-atiflash/. The bios and the Vbios are linked, i don’t know where they are. So, let’s go to the point, some one can help me with this please?

best regards

I love seeing this kind of “stupidity” nothing personal m8 but surprised how people gamble with a soldered gpu on a laptop motherboard, different from a desktop card tha u wont break the whole system, get urself hold of a dump of an identical system and flash it with SPI programmer, no more miracles here.


thanks for the answer XD. I have a bios flasher, but i don’t know where is the bios and if this works with the same spi programmer.