[Help]. m.2 wifi card ax200 not detected on h110t asus board

Hi, I’ve replaced every part on my h110t boards (even the bios chip!) but the m.2 wifi cards are never detected. Everything else works fine. This is especially a problem because I’m trying to make a wifi 6 router.

My parts:
(2) Asus H110t MB
Intel 6700T
Intel 6500T
Cheap 4gb ram
32gb valueram
(2) Intel Ax200ngw from different sellers
960gb sandisk ultra ii sdd
Spare bios chip
Also tried a 7260ngw-nb wifi card that didn’t work

I’ve been trying to enable and disable all sorts of bios settings but nothing has worked so far. An old usb wifi card worked in windows (also installed linux). But the m.2 wifi card never shows up, not in the bios, not in any OS. I’ve contacted asus support, no help. I’ve updated the bios, reset cmos. I really don’t know what else to do, I extracted the bios and looked through it with AMIBCP, but I couldn’t tell what was relevant.